Prototype 2 Live-Action Trailer Is Epic!

13 April 2012
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Live-Action Prototype 2 Starring James Heller

Prototype 2 will be arriving soon on Xbox 360 and PS3 (April 24th) and a little later on PC (July 24th). As such the hype machine is in full gear. Check out the epic new live-action trailer for the open world action game.

The trailer shows the new protagonist and shapeshifter extraordinaire Sergeant James Heller, as he hunts the first game’s main character (now main antagonist) Alex Mercer, who at the start of the game transforms Heller into the virus. Mercer is now said to have spread the Blacklight virus in New York City, and Heller blames him for getting his family killed in this second outbreak.

Watch the Prototype 2 Live-Action Film trailer “The Power of Revenge”:

I think the soundtrack “Hurt” by Johnny Cash fits the trailer perfectly. Epic!

Activision has released the Prototype 2 Live-Action Intro Movie “Daddy’s Coming Home” as well. It gives the story background for the Live-Action short above.

How great was that?! Are you looking forward to Prototype 2?


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