Angry Birds Movie Release Date In 2015

7 April 2012
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Angry Birds Movie Red Bird

At a recent Rovio Entertainment media conference in Cannes, France, the company’s head of animation Nick Dorra announced the Angry Birds Movie release date will keep fans waiting for many years, but at least this year there will be a Angry Birds Cartoon series this year.

The BBC interview confirms the movie’s release date. To quote Mr. Dorra:

“A film version of the game will not be released until at least 2015.” -Rovio’s Head of Animation

A film version of the game, first announced in 2011, will not be released until at least 2015.

Angry Birds is not just about the game-play. It will, in the future, be less and less about the slingshot and more about the characters and their adventures and all different kinds of games in different forms.”

While you might think of Rovio as the game development studio that made the 700-million-selling Angry Birds games. In 2011 Rovio bought an Helsinki animation studio in their home country of Finland, so that they could work on projects outside gaming, such as this year’s cartoons and the far-away movie.

December 2012 Update: The Angry Birds movie release date is now pointing towards 2016. Signed on are producer John Cohen (of Despicable Me fame) and David Maisel (Iron Man Executive Producer & Marvel Studios’ ex-Chairman).

Take a look at their animation work in the Angry Birds “Wreck The Halls” cartoon.

Are you looking forward to Angry Birds: The Movie?


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