Kinect Star Wars Walkthrough

Episode 3: “Galactic Dance Off”

Together with Princess Leia and more of Jabba the Hutt’s slaves, you’re forced to dance to 15 Just Dance-like songs comedically remixed with Star Wars lyrics.

In Two-Player mode, the backup dancers provide feedback on your performance. Player 1 is shown as blue and Player 2 is shown in yellow.

Tip: The better you follow the on-screen moves, the more stars you get for dancing well. Stars unlock new sets of songs. See how many stars you need on the Song Select screen.


Hint: Hold the pose at the end of a song for additional points!

Princess Leia in a Bottle.

I’m Han Solo.

It’s Great To Be in the Empire Today.

Han Solo and Lando – Disco Boogie Down Dance.

Twi’Lek and Leia – Cause I Ain’t No Hologram Girl.

Episode 4: “Rancor Rampage”

Here you get to become a Rancor set on destroying everything around you!

Part 2 of the Kinect Star Wars Walkthrough for “Rancor Rampage”.

Episode 5: “Duels of Fate”

In the last chapter of the game we continue our training to get ready for a lightsaber battle against Darth Vader himself!

More videos coming soon.

Thanks to Y2J, DATV & GS for the walkthrough videos.

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