Mass Effect 3 Review & Ending Discussion!

23 March 2012
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Mass Effect 3 Cast Image

Welcome to another Let’s Talk video with Meg, in which I’ll be talking about Bioware’s highly anticipated, third and final Mass Effect title, Mass Effect 3! This will be both the Mass Effect 3 review and a Mass Effect 3 ending discussion!

“We are legion. The time of our return is coming. Our numbers will darken the sky of every world.” -The Reapers

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  • Just as Sovereign promised all those games ago, the Reapers have arrived and it’ll take a lot more than Shepard’s resolve to get out of this armageddon alive…

    Players once again take on the role of the ultimate hero/heroine Commander Shepard in the most anticipated finale to the hugely popular space-faring series; ‘Shep’ and his or her crew must unite the galaxy against the Reaper threat and save all worlds from certain annihilation.

    Take a look at the Mass Effect 3 review video!


    All in all, 99% of this game was the closest to Mass-Effect-perfection you could achieve!

    The romances, the friendships, the heartaches and losses, the action, the score and the high stakes all came together to create a perfect ender to the series.

    The ending itself is a sour note of course and for many reasons. But Bioware, who have taken constructive criticisms and feedback on board since Mass Effect 1, has gifted us (the fans) with a voice. I know I am personally grateful for this. So despite the fact that the ending is not what was advertised, I urge gamers and fans alike to be constructive in their criticisms. Be kind.

    So, I will give this game an overall fun-factor of 9.8 out of 10! I would have awarded the game-experience a full ten if it hadn’t have been for the ‘downer’ of an ending.

    And, If you have finished the game, be sure to check out my initial thoughts and feelings on the ending in this video!

    So what did you think of Mass Effect 3? Did it live up to your expectations? Perhaps you aren’t a big fan of the series? Or maybe you feel that the ending ruined the series entirely? Please feel free to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

    Side note: all of the tracks in my review video (barring The Host’s ‘In Praise of the Han River, B4-A3’ by Byeong Woo Lee) feature in the Mass Effect 1 and 2 soundtrack. These are, in the order they appear:

    1. Prothean Beacon – Clint Mansell, ME3 OST
    2. A Future for The Krogan – Clint Mansell, ME3 OST
    3. Reaper Chase – Clint Mansell, ME3 OST
    4. An End Once and For All – Clint Mansell, ME3 OST
    5. I’m Proud of You – Clint Mansell, ME3 OST
    6. Catalyst – Clint Mansell, ME3 OST
    7. M4, Pt.2 – The Faunts

    And here is a list of the tracks that feature in my ‘Ending Thoughts video.’ They are from the official Fifth Element Score, composed by Eric Serra and bought from

    1. Five Millenia Later
    2. Akta
    3. No Cash, No Trash
    4. Korben Dallas
    5. Mina Hinoo


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    Meg Smith

    By Meg Smith: An avid gamer with a two year degree in Video Games Art and Design, she lives to broaden her gaming horizons and loves any game that captures the imagination or tries something new. Read her posts here and connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and at Google+.

    • Chanchota2

      I cannot agree more with you, particularly about ”
      I hope you don’t take all this personal my only beef is an almost perfect score for a far from perfect game.”
      Also about romance, what are the options for a straight human FemShep? If Kaidan had died in ME1 her only choice would be Garrus, morally very nice “guy” but not really sexually appealing for a female human.

      I played as a Soldier MaleShep importing my ME 2 character with supposedly perfect finished and all the DLCs,  still I had to play online to get enough EMS despite doing all the scannings and side missions to get the “best” ending.

      I played also as an Infiltrator FemShep, without being able to import character, same thing – I had to use online play if I wanted “best” ending.

    • Bastos

      First sorry for my english but I m french. I would like to share my ideas about the end.

      I think that Shepard died before activating the terminal for the Crucible. He didn’t go to the console and felt on the floor before Hackett said that nothing is happening. Then a light called him to somewhere. I think this is a figure of something religious like a calling to the doors of the after life. So Shepard died with Anderson and Cerberus.

      The Catalyst seems to be the “God” who acts on the galaxy by the Reapers and is the answer between life and death. He is the ones who regulates the civilisations. So the Universe is governed by a God and the Reapers are the “after life”. If you look at zombies you fought, if you look at what said the Catalyst it seems to be clearly the afterlife coming out.

      Then when you step up to the Catalyst “level” you see that the Citadel is opening and all around just Reapers. Nobody seems to fight and I think that they all died during the battle. Earth is on fire. The cycle seems to be already done because you, as Shepard, increased the speed of the Reapers bringing the whole galaxy against them.

      When you are with the Catalyst he gives you 3 choices. In fact there is no choice at all for the real world of Mass Effect. But for Shepard, there is a real choice for his choice of the after life.

      a) Destroy the Reapers
      If you do that, then synthetics will destroy organics and some kind of other Reapers will come again someday. So you just won some 10 000 years more maybe before the cycle comes again.You just won’t earn the after life as a Reaper but some will in maybe 60 000 years later.

      b)Control the Reapers
      If you control the Reapers then you become a Reaper. If you become a Reaper then you changed nothing to the situation of the cycles. You are just the commander of it and you will keep being a commander of the “afterlife” called “order”.

      If you choose the synthesis option you won’t change anything because the Reapers are already the synthesis between the organics and synthetics. So you just become one of the Reapers.

      The 3 solutions are, to me, exaclty the same because you can’t stop the cycle of it. It is the order of the world. But if the indocrination theory is right then I m in the wrong analysis of Mass effect 3 end.

      Hope that you enjoyed reading that.

    • MegESmith

      These reviews and scores are based on my own personal opinions/experiences and never represent the mass consensus 🙂

      I personally loved everything about the game apart for the reasons I stated in the video (which goes into greater detail than the short written blurb) but at no point did I state that my view was the end all be all. I am not trying to sell a product or conversely put others off playing/experiencing it; my reviews are purely a personal reflection of a game.

      However, thank you for sharing your opinions on the game and why you didn’t feel it was worthy experience for loyal Mass Effect gamers.

    • Lynx2Games

      Awesome, good review! We have Mass Effect 3 on all platforms available! Try it for yourself!

    • Are there any Zombie Games like Mass Effect ? only zombie games I was able to find are flash based :S

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