Final Fantasy XIII-2: Noel’s Theme (Song Cover)

Welcome to our Video Games: Song Covers segment. Here I’ll be singing some of your favourite and most requested video game tracks.

Hi everyone! Here I’m performing “Noel’s Theme” from the Final Fantasy XIII-2 soundtrack. The song was composed by Naoshi Mizuta, and originally performed by vocalist KOKIA. The melancholic nature of the music and lyrics represent Noel’s feelings of loneliness as he becomes the last human of his time, and his feelings of determination as he sets off on his journey to save the future. There are numerous variations of Noel’s Theme including, the game’s main battle theme entitled “The Last Hunter”, “Full Speed Ahead” and the beautiful orchestral arrangement: “Memories of the Future”.

New Mass Effect themed downloadable content is scheduled to be released on March 27th for Final Fantasy XIII-2, in the form of a pair of costumes for protagonists Serah and Noel. You can now save the future in style by wearing Commander Shepard’s iconic N7 armour!

I hope you enjoy my vocal cover, and I look forward to your comments and video game song requests! Thank you so much for listening, and happy gaming!


Long ago, when I was just a boy
So alone then, last of my kind in the world
I believed futures could be reborn
I would go back in time, change what’s to come
Hunting, searching for futures I’ve dreamed
Ever chasing, believing visions unseen
Hearing that hope is futile only inspires me not to give up
Valhalla is calling me to the end
I can hear now the beating hearts of lost friends
Urging me to don’t forget them
As the last hunter, I’ll find the key

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– Sabrina. (SabrinaValenzuela on YouTube.)