Silent Hill Downpour Passwords, Codes & Cheats List

16 March 2012
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Silent Hill Downpour Password Screenshot

Here are the Silent Hill Downpour codes and cheats. This overview lists all newly discovered passwords you’ll need to open the house safes / green lockers.

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Silent Hill Downpour Codes List

* To unlock the Nail Gun & Double Axe in the green locker, type the password: 171678.

* To unlock the Pistol 45 and Baseball Bat in the green locker, type the password: 353479.

* To unlock the Rifle and Golf Club in the green locker, type the password: 911977.

* To unlock the regular Pistol in the house safe, type the password: 16814.
Note: Normally you have to complete the “Ashes to Ashes” side quest to get this code.

Credit for the codes goes to Sabin, Zombie & Jeff.

Please comment if you’ve found any more passwords to unlock weapons.


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