Silent Hill Downpour Easter Eggs

Let’s find out how many Silent Hill Downpour easter eggs can be found in the PS3 & Xbox 360 survival horror game.

Index of Silent Hill Downpour Guides:

Henry’s apartment Room 302 from “Silent Hill 4: The Room” can be found in “Silent Hill: Downpour”!

This fun little easter egg can be located by going to: Landsdale Avenue between Brite Street and Cook Street.

Once there, you’ll see two bright windows. You have to pull down the ladder that’s just out of reach by using the right weapon to get the ladder down. When it’s down, you can climb the ladder and enter Henry’s apartment via the window.

Henry’s Room 302 looks pretty much the same as it did in “Silent Hill 4: The Room”, although there are a few small changes (table & pictures are missing). You can take a look at it in this video:

Play Silent Hill music on the Diner’s Jukebox!

Here’s another cool easter egg. Go inside the Diner, then take some coins out of the register, and go to the jukebox that still has its lights on.

Put some money in the jukebox and you’ll be able to play some Silent Hill spooky music. Good times, all alone in the diner, with creepy music. You can listen to it at 10 minutes into this video:

Credit for finding the easter eggs goes to King, AestheticGamer & Mistawuify.

Please comment if you’ve discovered any other easter eggs! 🙂