Silent Hill Downpour Art Paintings Locations Guide

Welcome to the Silent Hill Downpour Art Paintings locations guide for the PS3 and Xbox 360 survival horror game.

Art Paintings are the collectibles for the “Art Collector” side quest, which will earn you the “Art Appreciation” 5G Achievement / Bronze Trophy.

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Silent Hill: Downpour Painting Locations

Painting Location 1: The Hillside Police Department near Campbell Street. The Despair Painting is right next to the dispatch, on the back wall.

Painting Location 2: The Underground entrance in Hillside as shown on the map. The Sunrise Painting is sitting on the left-side floor of the underground’s first room.

Painting Location 3: The Apartment you entered Pearl Creek on, on the bottom floor. The Wonder Painting is on the wall next to the rocking chair.

Painting Location 4: The north Laymond Avenue, across from Logan’s Park. Go in the side alley where there’s a big hole in the building’s wall, enter to find an electronic lock that you can open with the code: 827. The Certainty Painting is on the far wall of the previously locked room.

Painting Location 5: The Hardware Store east of Saint Maria’s Monastery. Go to the register in this dark area to grab the key that unlocks the door. In the corner of this room there’s a box you need to move to be able to access the Hope Painting.

Painting Location 6: Inside the “Security X Systems” van off of the west end of Rice Street. Open the back doors of the van to find the Freedom Painting.

Art Gallery Location: After finding and obtaining all Art Paintings, you will head to the Art Gallery. Which can be found West of Layman Avenue & South of Brite Road, just enter the building next to the scaffolding, it’s the Art Gallery.

Paintings Puzzle Solutions: As shown in the video guide below, the Art Gallery will present you with a puzzle you’ll need to solve, the solution of which is handily shown in the video guide. The puzzle then presents a map to the cemetary where you can find a ladder to take you to the final puzzle which can be completed by clicking the Upper left, Center, Lower Left, Lower Right and booyakashow! Art Collector side quest and Art Appreciation trophy/achievement obtained!

The Painting locations are shown in this video guide:

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