Journey Trophies Guide

Our Journey Trophies guide lists every Trophy for this PS3 adventure and tells you how to find and unlock them.

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There are 14 Trophies (0 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 game. Earn Bronze (11), Silver (2), and Gold (1) trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

Journey Trophies Guide

Tips and video guides can be found in this section.

1. Adventure (Bronze) — Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the sunken city. — This needs to be done on Level 3: Magic Carpets.

2. Ancestors (Bronze) — Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple. — This can be found in Level 6: Temple Tower.
Note: This is a neat easter egg reference to thatgamecompany’s previous game flOw.
Important: You may need to do this on your first playthrough, as some people who have gotten their white cloak after finishing the game are reportedly not seeing the creature fly around on the second mist height level. Which you can fly higher towards, once you activate the ancient glyph on this mist section.

3. Companion (Silver) — Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and return to the beginning.
4. Crossing (Bronze) — Reach the summit with a companion and return to the beginning.
5. Explore (Bronze) — Discover all cloth creatures in the desert.

6. History (Bronze) — Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs. — Tip: The flying carpets will lead you to some of these glyphs, so follow them around.

7. Mirage (Bronze) — Find the hidden desert flower. — The flower can be found in Level 3: Magic Carpets.

8. Rebirth (Bronze) — Finish the game and return to the beginning.
9. Reflection (Bronze) — Sit and meditate with another player for more than 20 seconds.

Since all travelers are anonymous, it’s best to find someone who can stand still for more than two seconds, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly when you meet someone for the first time. When you meet someone new greet them a few times (I run a circle around them too LOL!) and then stand still to go into the meditation pose by pressing the Start button (and then pressing Start again right away to exit the pause menu) and go back into the game, which will then have made your character sit down in a meditation pose. If you both do this and sit next to each other for the indicated 20 seconds, the trophy will unlock. What’s funny is that I found other travelers tend to sit with you far beyond those 20 seconds as they take in the game’s beautiful environments. 🙂

If you’ve already unlocked this trophy, and other people come along and sit down next to you, please meditate with them for half a minute to a minute or so. We all know how hard it is to find someone who doesn’t run off to explore right away! For me after several failed attempts at meditating together I was cheering aloud when someone finally sat down with me haha.

10. Return (Bronze) — Start the journey again after a week long break.

11. Threshold (Bronze) — Cross the broken bridge without completely rebuilding it. — Tip: Make your scarf as long as possible, by collecting unique glowing symbols, so it’s upgraded to fly as long as possible this far into the game. It’ll help you cross the missing first bridge section you’ll leave broken on purpose while crossing the rest of the bridge.

You can watch this video guide to see the best way to jump up to the first part of the bridge without building it.

12. Transcendence (Gold) — Collect all unique glowing symbols across one or more journeys. — This means to find all Scarf upgrades hidden in the game. You can do this over multiple playthroughs. Once you unlock the trophy, go to the start of the game (or just pause the game and select “Chapter Select”. This option is unlocked after completing the game once). From the center of the area, look to the right and you will see three large cloths sticking out from the ground, go over there and walk into them. Your cloak will now be white and the scarf you start off with will be longer. Unlike the red scarf, the white scarf will automatically regenerate scarf power once you land after jumping.

This video guide shows all the unique glowing scarf symbols:

13. Trials (Bronze) — Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf.
14. Wonder (Silver) — Meet 10 or more unique travelers.

Thanks to Escher & Zack for the achievement / trophy guide videos.

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