Let’s Talk: Skyrim First Impressions

Welcome to another First Impressions video with Meg, in which I’ll be talking about Bethesda’s metaphorical jewel in the Elder Scrolls series’ crown, Skyrim!

Players control ‘Dragonborn’ in the fifth Elder Scrolls title and must travel the length and breadth of Skyrim to seek out and slay Alduin and the dragons!

Bethesda, a company known for their skill in ‘environmental story-telling’, attempted to push the boat out with Skyrim and promised to deliver the most impressive Elder Scrolls experience yet.

Here are my thoughts on the game so far!


Overall this game is inscrutable.

On the one hand it’s highly addictive (for short periods of time) and easy to obsess over/about, yet it can also smother you with it’s vast array of choices, locales, quests etc.

Personally, when I play Skyrim I feel like I’m running as fast as my legs can carry me, but I’m not really getting anywhere. Is that an enjoyable feeling? No. But when I get into the game, I really get into it.

To give this game an overall score would be practically impossible, because so far I’m not even sure I like it all that much… then again, I couldn’t tell you that I dislike it either.

So I guess I’ll give Skyrim an overall score of: puzzlement personified out of ten!

Side note – the tracks playing in this video feature in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game (excluding the third track) and are as follows:

1. Skyrim Day 2
2. Skyrim Day 9
3. In Praise of the Han River (B4-A3)

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the Elder Scrolls series? Perhaps Skyrim didn’t measure up to previous installments? Don’t forget to leave your comments and opinions in the section below!