Let’s Talk: Corpse Party Review!

Welcome to another Let’s Talk video, where I will be going over Team GrisGris’ horror/adventure, ‘Dojin soft’ title for the PSP, Corpse Party!

Players will control members of the unfortunate class of Kisaragi Academy in Corpse Party, who, after taking part in a ‘friendship charm’ ritual, find themselves trapped in the ghastly-ghost-school of legend, Heavenly Host Elementary.

Separated and afraid the students must find each other and search for a means of escape before the school’s cornucopia of malevolent apparitions reach them first.

Corpse Party is a downloadable PSP title available on the PSNetwork. A truly unique gaming experience, it is also one that you won’t forget anytime soon…

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All in all, this game has joined the ranks of my favorite games of all time! This was a great introduction to PSP games on a whole and my PSVita.

The story is exceptionally told through a variety of highly unusual techniques; the gameplay is a nice (challenging) departure from the barrage of shooters and action-packed titles we are faced with today; and lastly, the music was a perfect blend of catchy melodies with memorable qualities.

The only let down are the graphics; they aren’t impressive at all and don’t add anything to the plot (or take away from it.) But what can you expect from a PSP port of a ’96 PC game?

I personally would give this game a full fun-factor of 10!

This game appeals to my personal tastes, BUT, if you have difficulty suspending your disbelief or investing yourself in a story, if you hate long dialogues and/or have a sensitive disposition, don’t play it.

If not, you’ll find something really interesting in Corpse Party; it’s a thoroughly enjoyable, unique and scary-as-hell experience. So go ahead and try it… if you dare…

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So what do you think? Are you, like me, unfamiliar with the ‘Dojin soft’ genre? Perhaps you have never heard of the game itself? Do you download many PSP titles on your PSVita? Please leave your comments and opinions in the section below!

Side note – all of the tracks playing in the background feature in the Corpse Party game, but are not available for purchase (excluding the official theme, which can be purchased from sites such as Yesasia.com.)
The tracks are as follows:

1. Annex
2. The Nightmare of School Years
3. Main Building
4. Underground Maze
5. Shangri-La