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28 February 2012
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Our Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 Trophies guide lists every Trophy for this PS3 RPG and tells you how to find and unlock them.

Index of Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 Guides:

There are 47 Trophies (0 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 version. Earn Bronze (36), Silver (7), Gold (3), Platinum (1) and to increase your Gamer Level.


Tips and video guides can be found in this section.

1. 5pb. chan (Bronze) — 5bp chan joined your party.
2. Battle Master (Bronze) — Fought over 500 battles.
3. Blanc (Bronze) — Blanc joined your party.
4. Brave the Hard (Bronze) — Beat Brave the Hard.

5. Candidates of Lastation Goddess (Bronze) — Encountered with Uni.

6. Candidates of Luwian Goddess (Bronze) — Encountered with Rom and Ram.
7. Chain original combo (Bronze) — Chained your original combo.
8. Chain the combo (Bronze) — Chained 80+ original combo.
9. Counter Stop (Silver) — All characters reached level 99.
10. Create Items (Bronze) — Created items.
11. Delphinus (Gold) — Beat Delphinus.
12. Goddess-ize (Bronze) — Watched the event ‘Trapped Goddess’
13. Grave of the industry (Bronze) — Watched the event ‘Grave of the industry’
14. GUST chan (Bronze) — GUST chan joined your party.
15. Hard-bitten (Bronze) — Fought over 100 battles.
16. Hot Spring (Bronze) — Watched the event ‘Hot Spring’
17. Judge the Hard (Bronze) — Beat Judge the Hard.
18. Lastation Ending (Silver) — Watched the ‘Lastation’ Ending.
19. Leanbox Ending (Silver) — Watched the ‘Leanbox’ Ending.
20. Let’s play games (Bronze) — Watched the event ‘Let’s play games’
21. Live Stage (Bronze) — Watched the event ‘Live Stage’
22. Lowee Ending (Silver) — Watched the ‘Lowee’ Ending.
23. Magic Sword (Bronze) — Obtained the Magic sword.
24. Magic the Hard (Bronze) — Beat Magic the Hard.
25. Makers Ending (Silver) — Watched the ‘Makers’ Ending.
26. Maximum Power (Bronze) — Dealt maximum 100000+ damage.
27. Nepgear Start (Bronze) — Started the game.
28. Nepgear Version Up (Bronze) — Nepgear upgraded.
29. Neptune (Bronze) — Neptune joined your party.
30. Nippon Ichi chan (Bronze) — Nippon Ichi chan joined your party.
31. Noire (Bronze) — Noire joined your party.
32. Normal Ending (Silver) — Watched the Normal Ending.
33. PeroPero (Bronze) — Watched the event ‘PeroPero’
34. Planeptune Ending (Silver) — Watched the ‘Planeptune’ Ending.
35. Rehabilitation (Bronze) — Fought your first battle.
36. Release Planeptune (Bronze) — Released Planeputune.
37. Rescue the Goddess (Bronze) — Watched the event ‘Rescue the Goddess’
38. Rom and Ram Version Up (Bronze) — Rom and Ram upgraded
39. Ruling Ending (Gold) — Watched the ‘Ruling’ Ending.
40. The fateful encounter (Bronze) — Watched the event ‘Encounter with Histoire’
41. Trapped Goddess (Bronze) — Watched the event ‘Trapped Goddess’
42. Trick the Hard (Bronze) — Beat Trick the Hard.
43. True Ending (Gold) — Watched the True Ending.
44. Ultimate Neptune Mk2 Master (Platinum) — Acquired all trophies.
45. Uni Version Up (Bronze) — Uni upgraded
46. Uranus (Bronze) — Encountered with Uranus.
47. Vert (Bronze) — Vert joined your party.

Oh and watch Neptune and Nepgear perform a synchronized dance.

Thanks to Agino for the achievement / trophy guide videos.

Please comment if you have any trophy unlock tips of your own and we’ll give you credit for it. Thanks for visiting!


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