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22 February 2012
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Looking for all Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Manuscript Page Locations? This guide will show you where to find all 53 of them in this Xbox 360-exclusive psychological survival horror game.

Manuscript pages provide insight into the story. Once found, you can read them by pressing he Back button on your Xbox 360 controller. They’re also used to unlock Weapon Cases (For example: 40 manuscript pages unlocks the combat shotgun).

You can return to any of the three Acts from the Act selection screen in the Main Menu, you do this by selecting the Replay Chapter option. So once you’ve completed a Chapter you can always go back to it at any time to find the remaining manuscript pages.

Index of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Guides:

All 53 Manuscript Page Locations in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

There are 53 manuscript pages for you to find, which are spread out over these three different areas: the Rest Stop, Observatory, and Drive-In Theater. Three of the manuscript pages are actually given to you automatically during your playthrough.

Collecting all 53 Manuscript Pages will unlock the hilarious-titled “One Day I’ll Buy a Stapler” Achievement that’s worth 20 GamerPoints that will be added to your GamerScore upon completion.

Video Timeline:

Act I: The Mechanic

Alan Wake The Writer 0:07
Hunting Mr Scratch 0:19
Rewriting Reality 0:32
The Devil Is In The Details 0:47
The Splitter 1:01
Too Many Legs 1:12
The Twisted Mirror 3:24
Pages and Instincts 3:46

Act II: Setback

The Appearance Of Mr Scratch 3:39
My Best Friend 4:01
Wake’s Friend 4:11
Night Springs The Cult TV Show 4:22
Night Springs, Arizona 4:36
The Spectre 3:14
Emma Sloan 4:50

Act III: Resolved

Old Gods Of Asgard 7:13
Barry And the Old Gods 7:29
Old Gods In The Studio 7:45
The Giant 8:02
Emma And Mr Scratch 8:14

Act I: The Scientist

Success 1:24
Pressure 1:34
The Genesis Of Mr Scratch 1:45
Fighting The Taken 1:54
The Spiders 2:06

Act II: Progress

The Darkness 5:04
Lost In The Dark Place 5:15
The Nature Of Stories 5:24
Cosmological Truths 5:35
Dr Meadows 5:47
The Taken 5:58

Act III: Completed

Everything Is as Real As Everything Else 8:24
Dr Meadows And Mr Scratch 8:37

Drive-In Theater
Act I: The Curator

Bright Falls 2:17
Alice 2:29
What Really Matters 2:40
The Grenadier 2:51
A Car In A Fight 3:04

Act II: Relapse

Survival In A Dark Place 6:04
Equilibrium 6:13
The Doppelganger 6:24
Mr Scratch’s Trap 6:33
The Plan 6:41
The Dangers Of Creation 6:53
Serena Valdivia 7:04

Act III: United

Focusing The Beam 8:48
Serena And Mr Scratch 9:00
The Clothes 9:17
Alice’s Film 9:38

The text of all 53 Manuscript Pages in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

These book pages provide a great deal of additional exposition and further information on the compelling world and storyline that the developers at Remedy have created for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

You can find the text of the Collected Manuscript Pages in the Collectibles screen on the Main Menu, where it will be read to you like an audiobook. Handy! 🙂

This video with the text also shows off the weapon descriptions at the end.

Credit to IntimidateGaming & AestheticGamer for the location guide videos.

Please comment if you have any Manuscript Page Location tips of your own and we’ll give you credit for it. Thanks for visiting!


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