Let’s Talk: Gamer Habit 6: Gamer See, Gamer Do!

Here is another Gamer Habits video. Todays habit? “Gamer see, gamer do!”

Now we all know as hardcore gamers that there are certain shared tendencies and similarities. Whether its turning up to work with a ‘gaming hangover’ or swinging the controller around to aid in movement – we all do it and should take pride in our habits.

Take a look at the video!


The “gamer see, gamer do” habit occurs when the player of a video game reacts physically to actions and events on screen.

This compulsion may involve turning the controller like a steering wheel, lifting it higher to jump or peering around on-screen corners when in stealth-mode!

So do you succumb to the same habit? Perhaps you only do this with specific games? Please leave your comments and opinions below!