Final Fantasy XIII-2 Endings Discussion!

13 February 2012
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Serah Mog Noel Academia CGI Screenshot

Welcome to another Let’s Talk video with Meg, but beware! This video contains spoilers!

The ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2 is one helluva shocker and one that I would have never expected. In this video I will be reflecting on said ending and sharing my own thoughts and feelings.

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  • If you haven’t played the game yet, turn back now! This discussion will ruin the experience for you.

    If you have completed the game, take a look!

    So what did you think of the ending? Was it what you expected? Have you discovered all of the Paradox endings? Perhaps you were displeased with the story direction in general? Please leave your comments and opinions in the section below!

    Side note – all of the tracks playing in the background are from the official Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST composed jointly by Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta, Mitsuko Suzuki and Yoshitaka Suzuki, and purchased from The songs are (in the order they appear):

    1. Ending Credits
    2. Yeul’s Theme

    Feel free to check out my Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy XIII reviews!


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    Meg Smith

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    • I really enjoyed the game until the ending. This was the first FF game where the bad guys actually win.  They took the happy ending from FF XIII and created a sequel just to kill off, not only every character we had grown to love, but the entire universe!  All of the paradox endings were horrible so I’m hoping that future DLC will allow us to stop the goddess from dying and save the timeline and save the game from being one big downer.

    • Cylynt1

      I play games like this to escape reality, not to be reminded of it’s harsh truth.

    • Valefor

      After the disappointment of FF13 (which is probably just my opinion it was far too, ick) i was skeptic about this game, and would have put it at mediocre right up until the final battle. WOW
      I actually didn’t think that Serah would die in the end, considering the last game completely eradicated the idea that anybody could die it was just too sappy.
      What really shocked me to the point of literally covering my mouth with my hand was the vision of Valhala over Academia. Then I realised all along that Academia IS Valhala (just my opinion), totoally shocked. 😛

      It appeared to be all one big loop in the end, a paradox in itself ;P

    • Jack Frost

      Just thought I’d add my two cents here. I see a lot of complaining about having to buy more dlc for the ending, and I just want to say that if the game did end where serah dies, I would have been satisfied, it was shocking, a predicted twist and yet still effective. Basically the future dlc will be just what it has always been. Extra content. All we are doing is pushing the story forward. Not all stories have a happy ending.

      – Jack Frost

    • Jack Frost

       just replying to the first part of your comment, Lighting promised to protect the throne of etro, not the goddess herself, Etro had merged with Caius and therefore was unable to protect Valhalla. Etro entered Caius to give him the power to protect Yeul, being unable to do so, Caius decides to find a way to destroy Etro and release himself from being Yeuls guardian and watching her die constantly. So he plans to get Noel involved, knowing full well, that Noel would complete the duty without hesitation if he was forced in to it,

    • Pie

      Right! So I’ve just  finished the game and I find the endings of FFXIII-2 extremely disturbing. I thus really need someone to talk to. Thanks for the video.

      Btw, I’m not gonna go for intensive FFXIII-2 endings discussion myself because I’m still confused there are so many wonders. Moreover, there are new vocabularies in FFXIII-2 there had never been mentioned
      before…like…”Etro”, “the Goddess”, “Seerees” that are diffent from FFXIII (“Fal Cie, Cie’th, L’Cie Focus etc.”) and
      they are really difficult to understand, too. In this long comment, I intend to say that FFXIII is perfect in itself.

      First, I honestly think that, actually, FFXIII (NOT XIII-2) endings is absolutely perfect itself. Everyone followed Serah’s instruction and completed their Focus by managing to save Cocoon, waking up from the crystal statsis. Then I thought Cocoonian and the Lighting  were supposed to make a living on the Pulse instead.

      However, I thought THE REAL ENDINGS OF FFXIII was a short movie at the beginning of the game (before the title menu) It is depicted that Vanille  was alone , standing on Gran Pulse and watched Cocoon from afar. What does it mean? Is it before or after she turned into crystal? I would go for the latter. I intepret that eventually, everyone in FFXIII would have died before Vanille and Fang woke up from their crystal stasis and live on Gran Pulse (just like the endings of FFVII that depicted REDXIII runing along with his puppy when Midgar had already been a ruined where there was no one left) In my opinion, Vanille is a very important figure because she is the one who narrates the whole story of FFXIII just before she completed her 2nd Focus.

      Here come to FFXIII-2, unfortunately,I couldn’t avoid starting the game with my personal bias. I think that, besides the story I’ve intepreted so far, SQ-ENIX wanted to make FFXIII-2 to ask players like us for another chance to improve the overall system of the game that had been criticized, you name it, like….the whole FFXIII game was linear map that you just move forward, blah blah blah.(I really appreciated the story of FFXIII, don’t get me wrong). The link between FFXIII and FFXIII-2 endings are not very good.

      Here a very short opinion about the endings: (I’m still confused, shocked, blah blah blah)
      I personally think that the whole FFXIII-2 is like…..”another version” or “what if”of FFXIII ending
      Anyway, to me, the beginning of FFXIII-2 sounds like the journey of Serah and Noel to meet Lighting and the real endings does not go that way. Instead, I think Serah and Lighting (in the crystal) died just because, , unlike Noel who was comtemporary to the period, they are not actually belong to the time in dying Vahalla in the first place(Am I wrong?). So they traveled to the future where there are neither Serah nor Lighting?

      At first sight, there is something wrong about the ending that I can quickly make notice is that Noel does not go back to the place where he’s supposed to be, just like Serah and the otheres. Everythings mess up.

      Oh, and one more thing, though this might not be ‘the main story’ of FFXIII, based on my personal interested in romance, I find the romance between Snow and Serah in FFXIII-2 not so rich like before. Instead, I got a vague comprehension that Serah is actually Yeul, the love interest of Noel. The romance is messed up! Basically, though I find the romance between Serah(Or Yeul) and Noel is so interesting, fresh and hot, whatever, Serah is supposed to be with Snow, he tried damn hard to help her in FFXIII.

      FFXIII-2, the darkest FF series ever I’ve ever played since the FFVII

      (TwT*) I would be grateful, I need to have someone reply my post here, anything is alright. English is not my mother tongue, but I really try to convey as much as possible about what I think.

      Thanks for this good article.

    • Kuja213

      I agree with you dude… Somehow i feel so frustrated seeing the end… I was think of a happy ending but it end up making me so incomplete its like something went inside me…

    • Stephen22

      The ending was poor in my opinion, it just made me feel that the 30+ hours I invested in the game was all for nothing. Video games shouldn’t have bad endings, it’s not like it’s a movie where you watch it for 2 hours, the good guy dies, the bad guy wins and you think to yourself, ah so what? Video games on the other hand (especially RPG’s) demand a lot of time and effort put in, some people even feel a bond with the characters and it feels highly rewarding when you finally save the day, to put in 30+ hours for an ending as bad as that is a bit of an anti-climax to say the least.

      However, the problem with FFXIII-2 is not only it’s ending, it’s the entire story, it completely disregards all your efforts of the first game, it basically says saving Cocoon was pointless, Vanille and Fang turned to crystal to save it for nothing and none of the characters live there any more anyway! so in one game it manages to tell you that around 100 hours of combined gameplay was completely and utterly pointless as far as a story goes because at the end of it all, you lose in a futile effort.

      At the end of FFXIII-2 I could honestly say that I wished they never bothered with a sequel and just made the next FF game instead but hopefully they’ll do a FFXIII-3 and put the story right instead of leaving it at this.

    • Natalie

      I think Serah can still live. After all, she is the same as Yeul, and this ending is exactly what Caius wanted in order to save Yeul from HER deaths. I wouldn’t be surprised if Serah’s death is undone.

    • Chantal

      I think they should’ve left the ending off where Serah died, prior to all the crap hitting the fan. It slaps the reality into the game (which in my opinion, makes it more likeable..) That being said, the to be continued was so frustrating. I have never been so mad at a game in my 21 years of life :(. All that time and effort put into the game.. to put a TBC feels like a smack to the face. (It also makes me feel pawned because I think of square like “HA NOW YOU HAVE TO BUY ALL THE DLCS!”) SO overall, I think it could’ve ended GREAT, but then they slapped a TBC, and that makes it hurt even worse 🙁

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