Final Fantasy XIII-2 Monster Locations Guide. How To Get A Golden Chocobo, Chichu, Cactuarina

Here are tips and tricks to find hidden Final Fantasy XIII-2 Monster locations. Find out how to get a Golden Chocobo, Chichu, Cactuarina and more rare & secret Monsters!

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The developers at Square Enix show step by step how you can capture monsters, allocate them in combat, and even infuse their abilities in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Doing this makes Serah and Noel an even more powerful team!

Here’s how to be a Master of Monsters.

In the next video guide IGN Strategize host Jessica Chobot tackles the latest gargantuan RPG from Square Enix Final Fantasy XIII-2. She shows you how to find the numerous rare monsters for your party to capture. And let’s be honest, who DOESN’T want a Golden Chocobo? Make sure you know the Moogle Throw and Mog’s Manifestation Fragment skills.

  • Cactuarina Monster Location: New Bodhum -003 AF- Tidal Shallows. — Head for the top-right edge of the map facing east, once there throw Mog over the ledge.
  • Chichu Monster Location: The Archylte Steppe -??? AF- by the red Cactuar opposite the village. — On the grassy field throw Mog into the red flowers patch. Chichu is one of the best monsters you can get.
  • Golden Chocobo Monster Location: A Dying World -700 AF- The Black Sands. — Go to the dead-end and use Mog’s hidden treasure finding ability to reveal a golden sphere with the Golden Chocobo in it! The Golden Chocobo is your ticket to obtaining lots of coins from Chocobo Races in Serendipity.

Take a look at the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hidden Monsters locations guide video.

You get to that Golden Chocobo section as soon as you kill Gogmagog and clear the way, as you can see from the video below.

Where and how to capture Rare Monsters.
While it’s very easy to capture normal enemies anytime, to capture Rare Monsters without respawning means you have to lock the Gate and start at the very beginning of the stage you’re on. So to avoid this and capture Rare Monsters with relative easy, you should take the following steps:
1. as Additional and Accurated to Capture Monster Crystal
You Must Unlock the Fragment Skill “Monster Collector” Turn This Fragment Skill ON. to Unlock This Fragment Skill Collect All Fragments on
“VILE PEAKS AF010 & AF200”.
1. First Save Your Data Manually, Press Start Button then Save.
2. Now to Capture Monster Easily You Must Use “Sychro Drive” of you Ally Monster as a Final Strike (Attack) to Defeat and Capture the Crystal of That Monster.
3. If You failed to Capture the Crystal, Load Your Data and Try Again. Till You Get the Rare Monsters.

Here’s video guide showing how to capture Rare Monsters:

This is required to find the 8 Secret Monsters.
Use “Moggle Search” by turning on that option on the Fragment Skill Settings.
Please note that these 8 Secret Monsters can only be captured once in the whole game! So be careful not to Delete or Trade their Abilities with Another Monsters.

Here’s video guide showing how to capture the 8 Secret Monsters:

Thanks for the video guides to IGN, SplitPlaythru & Hsyper.