Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

Episode 16

Patroklos won the trust of the Asian fighters with his sword skills. They all decided to travel to Prague where Ivy waited. In order to resurrect Soul Calibur, Patroklos entrusted all to Ivy.

Episode 17

Pyrrha’s final words resonated with Patroklos’ heart. He is filled with regret. — I want to return, to the world before I made my mistake.

Episode 18

Each with their own wish to stop Soul Edge, people arrived in Hungary where the cursed sword awaited. Z.W.E.I. looked forward to facing his hated foe, Nightmare. His revenge was about to take place.

Episode 19

As if to recreate the events of seventeen years ago, Pyrrha raised Soul Edge high and split the heavens. The gate to Astral Chaos appeared over the battlefield. Patroklos was unable to stop the beginning of the end.

Episode 20 & Final True Ending

Soul Calibur was born to stop the powers of Soul Edge. In exchange for its great power, the chosen wielder of the spirit sword is destined to kill the wielder of Soul Edge. When one fights this destiny, what will history choose?

Complete Story Mode and win with brave edge to unlock the Legendary Souls Mode.

Thanks to XCV for the walkthrough videos.

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