Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

Episode 11

Once they board the ship from the eastern side of the peninsula to traverse the Mediterranean, they will soon be back in Athens, their homeland. The two headed to the port city, but they found the once peaceful city engulfed in flames.

Episode 12

Pyrrha’s body slowly malfested as she cut down people and witnessed their blood. Patroklos feared what Pyrrha had become and ran from the port city, wandering Europe as if in a trance. Eventually he found himself in front of the citadel where Siegfried resides.

Episode 13

Should he fight against Pyrrha, who has now malfested? The conflicting question haunted Patroklos. Soul Calibur changed its shape as if to lead him to the “right” path. The sword is said to test the will of it’s wielder. Patroklos decided that he will answer with the sword skills that he had been taught in the past.

Episode 14

Patroklos searched for a way to resurrect Soul Calibur in order to save Pyrrha. The woman, Ivy, alluded as if she knew something about the spirit sword. Patroklos searched for any clues as to Ivy’s whereabouts.

Episode 15

Patroklos continued on his journey in search of Kali-Yuga and Dvapara-Yuga which were needed to resurrect Soul Calibur. However, it proved difficult to find clues about the Asian treasures with mysterious powers. After much wandering, Patroklos ended up in the city of Dijon.