Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

Episode 6

After leaving town, Tira found out that the mercenary group, Schwarzwind, and the minions of Nightmare were fighting in a nearby field. A battlefield was the ideal place to train her protege into a killer. Tira smiled and ordered Pyrrha to kill the humans in a place where death reigns.

Episode 7

Patroklos received information on the malfested with the ring bladefrom Siegfried, the former wielder of Soul Calibur. Z.W.E.I. and Viola joined on his journey to find his foe. The spirit sword glowed silently in Patroklos’ hand.

Episode 8

Finally meeting his sworn enemy, his anger overwhelmed Patroklos. Tira acted as if she lost to the spirit sword and lured Patroklos away. Tira ran through the moonlit night and grinned that all is going as planned.

Episode 9

Tira smiled and easily let go of Pyrrha. Now that Pyrrha had been saved from Tira, Patroklos’ only wish was to go home with his sister. Pyrrha agreed to go with him since she had now lost her only support.

Episode 10

Pyrrha learned for the first time what family meant as she tried to forget her painful past. Her brother was happy that his wish had now been fulfilled. The siblings did not realize that they were being watched from afar.