Street Fighter x Tekken Exclusives Update: Pac-Man & Mega Man

The newest PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita-exclusive Street Fighter x Tekken characters added to the lineup are Capcom’s Mega Man on the Street Fighter side and Namco’s mascot Pac-Man on the Tekken side.

For the first time, the version of Mega Man featured on the original Mega Man 1 NES box art will make the jump from the cover to be a playable character, with Pac-Man taking on all challengers as he rides atop Mokujin. They are meant to each have their own unique and bring light-hearted fighting styles to the game.

Fans asked Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono via his Twitter why Mega Man looks like his retro instead of modern self. Mr. Ono replied: “I consulted with Mr. Megaman (his name is Mr. Keiji Inafune) about it 1 years ago. Its result! ;D” He also clarified that these are not main but just guest characters. To quote: “We’ll be announce more characters from Street Fighter and Tekken series. its not guest character. ;D Plz wait next news-release!! ;D”

Pac-Man in Street Fighter x Tekken
Will PAC-MAN give MEGA MAN a wakka wakka wakka!?

Pac-Man and Mega Man will only playable on the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken.

Here’s the PlayStation Exclusive characters trailer showing Pac-Man and Mega Man in action for the first time. As well as the previously confirmed Sony characters Cole MacGrath from the InFamous games, plus Toro and Kuro who are Sony mascots in Japan.

This game uses the same 2D style and technology as Street Fighter IV. It’s actually the first of two crossover games, with a 3D Tekken style version Tekken x Street Fighter likely coming next year.

Street Fighter x Tekken will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 6th in America and on March 9th across Europe. The PlayStation Vita and PC versions will follow at a later date.