How To Unlock All Soul Calibur 5 Characters (Xbox 360, PS3)

31 January 2012
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Soul Calibur 5 character select screen with Elysium and Pyrrha Omega unlocked

How to unlock all secret Soul Calibur 5 characters? That question will be answered in this guide that shows you how and who to unlock to get the full roster.

This video shows all 28 Playable Soul Calibur 5 Characters unlocked (minus the DLC-only Dampierre):

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  • The Soul Calibur 5 characters select screen has room for plenty of bonus characters (minus your own character creation). — At the moment there are no console exclusive characters, but Ezio from Assassin’s Creed is a guest character on both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Namco Bandai has hinted more characters may be made available in Soul Calibur V through downloadable content on the consoles at a later date, Dampierre will be the first of these DLC characters. He fits in the blank space in the character roster, but right now you can only get his download code in America via Best Buy pre-orders and in Europe via the Collector’s Edition.

    Table of Contents

    Elysium mimics Pyrrha Omega

    Index of Soul Calibur 5 Guides:

    How To Unlock Characters In Soul Calibur 5

    Below we’ve listed the 7 secret characters in alphabetical order. Take the following steps to unlock each one.

    • Algol

      Method 1: After completing Story Mode, the Legendary Souls Mode will be unlocked. Defeat him in Legendary Souls Mode and then successfully complete the mode to unlock Algol.
      Method 2: Defeat him in Quick Battle as the opponents “Teramos” (C2-C4 Rank) or “Minami Naikos” (A2 Rank) to unlock Algol.
      Method 3: Defeat him in Arcade Mode with any character.
      Method 4: You can also reach Player Level 31 to unlock Algol.

    See Algol, Edge Master & Soul of Devil Jin in action.

    • Alpha Patroklos

      To unlock his character successfully complete Story Mode.

    • Dampierre

      Method 1: Purchase him before release as a Best Buy pre-order in America. Buy him during launch as part of the Collector’s Edition in Europe.
      Method 2: Other than that you’ll have to wait to get Lord Geo Dampierre as future character DLC (downloadable content).

    See Dampierre in this SoulCalibur V DLC trailer.

    • Edge Master

      To unlock his character successfully complete Story Mode. – He uses all? fighting styles.

    • Elysium

      To unlock her character successfully complete Story Mode. – She uses all? female fighting styles.

    When Elysium mimics Pyrrha Omega’s movelist, she has a special Critical Edge called “Eleusian Initiator”. You can see it in action in this movelist gameplay video.

    • Kilik

      Method 1: After completing Story Mode, the Legendary Souls Mode will be unlocked. Defeat him in Legendary Souls Mode and then successfully complete the mode to unlock Kilik. – He uses all? male fighting styles.
      Method 2: Defeat him in Arcade Mode with any character (confirmed with Maxi), but make sure to choose the Asia route, to unlock Kilik.
      Method 3: You can also reach Player Level 11 to unlock Kilik.
      Method 4: You can defeat him in Quick Battle as the opponent “Chaos” with the title “Red Lotus” (A2 Rank) to unlock Kilik. – Two gamers have confirmed that before the match Kilik was locked and after beating “Chaos” he was unlocked.

    • Pyrrha Omega

      To unlock her character successfully complete Story Mode.

    • Soul of Devil Jin fighting style (Not Katsuhiro Harada)

      Character Creation only gives you Soul of Devil Jin style as a custom character, not the Tekken creator’s Katsuhiro Harada character look shown in trailers (like the first video on this page). So I’m sorry to say he’s not a playable character. Once you take the below steps to unlock it, to make a custom character with his style, go to where the Created Character character is (in the character selection menu) and you’ll see that the icon has been replaced with a symbol for Devil Jin.

      Method 1: “Katsuhiro Harada” is in Quick Battle. When you encounter him, defeat him to unlock the Devil Jin’s fighting style from the Tekken series.
      Method 2: After completing Story Mode, the Legendary Souls Mode will be unlocked. “Harada” is found in Legendary Souls Mode. You can find him quickly by setting the search options to: Japan (Asian countries), Advanced, new Opponent First. You can also unlock the Devil Jin style by defeating other AI using the style. Either way it’s a difficult fight as he/they are around B to A3 Rank.
      Method 3: You can also reach Player Level 5 to unlock Soul of Devil Jin style. For example, it’s suggested you play on Arcade Mode with your custom character for about 3 to 4 times to level up enough to unlock Devil Jin.
      Note: You can unlock Items for Character Creation in Story Mode and Quick Match.

    See how the character creator works with helpful tips from SoulCalibur V’s producer Tago-San himself.

    Unlockable Stages:
    Just found out about a few new stages in the game…

    • To unlock the “Astral Chaos: Pathway” stage, you must reach Player Level 25.
    • To unlock the “Denever Castle: Eye of Chaos” stage, you must defeat Pyrrha Omega in Story Mode.
    • To unlock the “Penitentiary of Destiny” stage, you must defeat Kilik in Legendary Souls Mode or Arcade Mode.
    • To unlock the “Tower of Glory: Most Holy Dichotomy” stage, you must defeat Algol Fear in Legendary Souls Mode or Arcade Mode.
    • To unlock the “Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good & Evil” stage, you must defeat Edge Master in Legendary Souls Mode or Arcade Mode.
    • To unlock the “Utopia of the Blessed” stage, you must defeat Elyssia in Story Mode.

    Behind the Scenes of Character Selection:

    Namco Bandai’s Daishi Odashima and Hisaharu Tago explain their choices for the new and old characters in the roster. Such as: Why Patroklos and Pyrrha? & How did they select the guest character?

    Big thanks for tips to: Nightsky, Air1ne, Joe, Nefariousseanbear, AlastorNightshade, TIK, Gundam00199, Omegax123, RAS, mr_jonix, Brahms & Vic.

    Please share character unlocking tips you’ve discovered in the comments section below, we’ll give you credit for it. And if you need help anywhere, ask away.
    Thanks for visiting!


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    • Asgard

      Soul Calibur 3 was actually really good. 4 was absolutely terrible, but 5 is taking steps in the right direction. They just need to make single player mode FUN, which it isn’t anymore. Not since 3.

    • mml

      soul caiibur 5 has missing characters and very boring game play soul calibur 4 has a better character list and a decent story fun gameplay now sc 3 has a decent character list fun gameplay but the story mode was amazing now there is ps3 soul caibur lost swords that was said to be free to play but when you turn the game on you find that you only have a few characters and forcing you to spend real cash on separate characters so i refuse to play this one as well the creators ruined soul calibur grate more games to add the the unplayable list and there is allready over 100 unplayable games greedy companys starting to only want cash an refuse to make a good game iam tired of all this greedy cr@p it needs to stop but to many noobs love to spend there money on restricted content ruining it for us real players

    • mml

      no freedom of speech on here will then f u all

    • Krack

      Zasalamel……simple…what the hell

    • Krack

      Zasalemel ???the gameplay is the newest and best but they lost their damn minds with the charater list

    • Dwayne

      hey you, stop your sinful smart mouth, everyone likes Talim, even me, but really i like all the character’s, and yes Soul Calibur 5 has a crapy short story line but even though i still enjoy the game, i also enjoy the sexy women character’s on it to, the women on Soul Calibur 5 got exremely sexy moans when you attack them, hehe, anyway, yes Soul Calibur 3 is a exremely good game, i give Soul Calibur 3 100% ratings, i give Soul Calibur 5 1% ratings, they should of kept the old character’s from Soul Calibur 3 and Soul Calibur 4 and put all of them in Soul Calibur 5, all in rosters, see Tekken Tag Tournament 2 still has all the old Tekken character’s from the past which Soul Calibur Team should of did also to Soul Calibur 5 is leave in the old character’s and put more new character’s, they should of of kept Talim in Soul Calibur 5 she is amazingly sexy and exremely hot, Talim loves pain, she got’s sexy moans, so peace, you think i’m coming back to read your smart mouth, you are wrong i’m not coming back, also arguing is committing a sin, thou shout not argue, learn God and Jesus rules from the bible, if you don’t know who i’m talking about and don’t know who God and Jesus is and don’t know what a bible is!? then learn this that you’re parents didn’t teach you about God and Jesus and didn’t teach you the bible, and those who don’t teach there children of God and Jesus perish even the child will perish because you wasn’t teached by you’re parents about God and Jesus, if you find this offensive don’t, because that’s the way God and Jesus works, also God and Jesus tells us not to cuss, thou shout not cuss, and i’m 22 and don’t cuss at all, amen God and Jesus hallow be thy name, thy kingdom comes, so if you wanna argue with someone Ty Murphy15 with that sinful trashy cussing mouth of yours then argue to yourself, nor argue to yourself, in the mirror third person view, also God and Jesus tells us to contrl our anger, God and Jesus says control you’re anger and still not be angry while the sun is down,

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      Y u no bring Hwang back to FRAY!?

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