Resident Evil Revelations Cheats, Codes, Secrets & Tips List (3DS)

Unlock Resident Evil Revelations cheats to secrets with the tips in this guide. This includes how to unlock the secret Co-Op RAID Mode and various tips for unlocking characters and weapon upgrades in this all-new Capcom survival horror game for Nintendo’s 3DS portable and the Xbox 360, PS3, PC & Wii U consoles.

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How to Unlock the Co-Op RAID Mode

You unlock the local and online RAID Mode after finishing “Episode 3” in the Singleplayer Campaign. To be specific, you’ll then gain access to the first RAID Mode stage. RAID Mode also serves as the game’s Co-op Mode, although it can be played Solo as well.

It is a fantastic way to experience pretty much all of the most exciting scenarios from the Singleplayer Campaign with a friend or random online partner. RAID Mode consists of killing the bigger amount of creatures in the time allowed. Plus you can choose to play as a host of different characters, including reuniting old partners Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield with others left to unlock, more on that in the “unlockable characters” section below.

Here is Capcom’s RAID Mode demonstration:

RAID Mode unlockables:

* RAID Mode Stages 1-7 are unlocked by finishing Episodes 1-3.
* RAID Mode Stages 8-12 are unlocked by finishing Episodes 4-6.
* RAID Mode Stages 13-17 are unlocked by finishing Episodes 7-9.
* RAID Mode Stages 18-20 are unlocked by finishing episodes 10-12.
* RAID Mode Bonus Stage 21 is unlocked by finishing the game.

* Complete all RAID Mode stages on Chasm Difficulty to unlock Trench Difficulty.
* Complete all RAID Mode stages on Trench Difficulty to unlock Abyss Difficulty.

* Get an S Rank on all 20 stages of Trench Difficulty to change the colour of your name to blue.
* Get an S Rank on all 20 stages of Chasm Difficulty to change the colour of your name to green.
* Get an S Rank on all 20 stages of Abyss Difficulty to change the colour of your name to pink.

How to Unlock New Weapons & Upgrades

You can unlock new weapons and upgrades in the RAID Mode. Whether you’re playing via the internet or local play, you (and a friend) can play through parts of the campaign together in the mode’s missions.

Here are some of the ways to unlock new weapons & upgrades:

  • The Infinite Rocket Launcher gets unlocked by completing the Game on Hell Difficulty Mode.
  • The Hydra Shotgun gets unlocked by completing the game on Normal or higher Difficulty Mode.
  • In each mission itself you can find new weapon enhancements.
  • Earn points for the enemies you attack and it all adds up to allow you to select from a range of upgrades to improve your weapon’s performance.
  • Finishing each mission will earn you (both) new weapons and upgrades. Think of these missions as Achievements or Trophies, where you’re given a task with some kind of associated reward.
  • RAID Mode has been confirmed to support Play Coins, which you get from walking around with your Nintendo 3DS handheld (300 Play Coins maximum can be traded per day). This will earn you custom gun parts to upgrade your arsenal.
  • Additionally, you can use Battle Points earned in the Singleplayer Campaign Mode & RAID Mode to unlock more items in RAID Mode, by buying new items in the shop. Hint: The higher your accuracy is, the better your end-mission grade is, the more Battle Points you get awarded to spend.

Resident Evil Revelations weapon upgrades

Customization of your loadout is key to survive in RAID Mode, so that’s why you can equip weapons slots with upgrades (yes, like Perks) like upgrading your main Pistol with Custom Parts: Longer Magazine to increase clip size, Strength, Fire Rate, Charge Shot, Auto Loader, and even Illegal Custom Parts among others, or you can use it for something different entirely such as to Reduce Enemy Aggression. The weapon upgrades will be especially familiar to those of you who have played Resident Evil 5 before.

How to Unlock Secret Playable Characters & Outfits

Resident Evil Revelations Jessica - Chris Wallpaper

You unlock the Jessica Sherawat and Clive R. O’Brian characters for play by finishing the 10-hour Campaign in Singleplayer. What follows are the specifics on how to unlock all the characters and outfits in the game.

* Chris Redfield, outfit 1 (Snow) — Clear Episodes 1-3 in the main game.
* Chris Redfield, outfit 2 (Ship) — Reach player level 30.
* Clive R. O’Brian — Clear every stage on Abyss difficulty.
* Jessica Sherawat, outfit 1 (Snow) — Reach player level 10.
* Jessica Sherawat, outfit 2 (Ship) — Clear every stage on Trench difficulty.
* Jessica Sherawat, outfit 3 (Terragrigia) — Reach player level 40.
* Jill Valentine, outfit 1 (Ship) — Clear Episodes 1-3 in the main game.
* Jill Valentine, outfit 2 (Beach) — Reach player level 5.
* Keith Lumley, outfit 1 (Snow) — Clear Episodes 4-6 in the main game.
* Keith Lumley, outfit 2 (HQ) — Clear 50 missions.
* Morgan Lansdale — Find the real exit on stage 21.
* Norman — Obtain all rare weapons.
* Parker Luciani, outfit 1 (Ship) — Clear Episodes 1-3 in the main game.
* Parker Luciani, outfit 2 (Beach) — Reach player level 20.
* Parker Luciani, outfit 3 (Terragrigia) — Obtain one rare weapon.
* Quint Cetcham, outfit 1 (Snow) — Clear 100 missions.
* Quint Cetcham, outfit 2 (HQ) — Reach player level 50.
* Raymond Vester — Clear every stage on Chasm difficulty.

You can see what Jessica looks like in the screenshot at the top of this page. It’s fun because each character plays differently.

How to Unlock StreetPass Items

Capcom recently confirmed that Resident Evil Revelations will have exclusive StreetPass functionality allowing players to collect items via a local wireless connection.

There are two gameplay modes available through which you can connect via StreetPass.
1. In the single player mode, called Campaign Mode, different items will be available to collect by passing other Nintendo 3DS owners;
2. In the co-op mode, called RAID Mode, players will receive new enemies and missions via StreetPass.

When a new item becomes available, players will receive a parachute icon and after clicking on this the new item can be collected. Once you successfully swap data via StreetPass, you can hop into the game and see what item you received. Custom Parts offer all kinds of benefits for your customizable weapons, like bigger ammo clips and increased stopping power.

Tips for Playing Resident Evil Revelations

Tip 1: Look out for weapon modifications as you search each section of your environment [with the BSAA Genesis scanner] and improve your firepower.

Tip 2: Using the scanner will find hidden items within the boards is one thing. But you can also use it for scanning a certain type of enemies a number of times, which will yield benefits of some kind.

Tip 3: Check your performance on the evaluation screen after you complete a section in both Campaign Mode and RAID Mode. Aim for the highest accuracy to improve your grade and earn Battle Points to spend in the RAID Mode Shop.

Tip 4: To unlock Hell Difficulty Mode & a Hydra Shotgun you must finish the game once on Normal Difficulty Mode. After that, finishing the game on Hell Difficulty Mode will unlock the much-desired Infinite Rocket Launcher!

Tip 5: To unlock New Game+ you must finish the game once on any difficulty mode.

Thanks to Capcom’s Briant Keltner for most of the unlocking tips.

Do you know of any other cheat codes in Resident Evil Revelations? If so leave a comment with a tip and we’ll update this cheats page and give you credit!