DOTA 2 Basics for Newcomers

This video guide allows players new to the Defense of the Ancients game or multiplayer action-RTS genre to learn what DOTA 2 is all about, before it gets released on PC & Mac by Valve sometime in 2012.

The DOTA 2 video introduces:

  • Map layout;
  • Laning tips;
  • Introduction of basic mechanics;
  • Hero types (Support heroes, mostly).

The fan-made video that uses DOTA 2 Beta gameplay, includes sections that highlights the key hero attributes-Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. While not over-complicating it with hero roles, warding, and other such more difficult mechanics. What it does do well is introduce the majority of the game’s options, easing new players into understand how the the basic mechanics that contribute to the depth of DOTA 2.

Here’s the DOTA 2 Essentials Guide:

Thanks for the help Youcandota2!