Angry Birds Peace Song with Lyrics in New Cartoon

6 January 2012
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Angry Birds peace cartoon

Be sure to check out this hilarious Angry Birds Christmas Special cartoon! It even features the brand new Angry Birds Peace Song, we got the full version including lyrics below.

The description reads: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but the pigs are up to their usual tricks. They try to get away with the Birds’ Christmas presents! After bickering with each other, Red and Bomb bird mount a bold gift rescue down the steep mountain slopes.”

The Angry Birds Peace Song performed by the Finnish singer Osmo Ikonen. The song is exclusively composed for the Angry Birds Wreck the Halls holiday special animation.

Here are the “Angry Birds Peace Song” lyrics:

Please remember, it’s December.
Listen piggies and birds, here’s the thing.
Let’s tell a story, that’s not so gory,
turn your slingshots into swings.

‘Tis the season when there is a reason
to forget and forgive your foes.
Everybody knows
it’s the friendliest time of the year.

I’m recommending, a different ending
perhaps a gentler approach, another style.
In this fable, you might be able
even to make the Mighty Eagle smile.

All this commotion, the endless explosion
will turn you into turkey and ham,
eggs on a frying pan.
Find a little friendlier plan.

Stop fighting all the time. It’s absurd!

Don’t be so angry, little birds,
’cause it’s time to sing,
join your hooves and wings,
forget the useless war.
It’s love we need more
Beaks and snouts, all sing out loud
the song that should be heard;
Let there be peace on earth!


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