God of War 4 Co-op Rumors Abound

5 January 2012
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Kratos fears nothing

God of War 4 having online co-op has been rumored ever since hints showed up that Kratos’ brother may somehow help out during Kratos’ next adventure.

The UK’s PlayStation 3 Magazine (PSM3) January 2012 issue reports that the so-far unannounced God of War 4 will feature an online co-op mode, which coincided with a job listing a year ago from Sony Santa Monica needing a “senior online programmer” for the God of War team. The magazine previously stated the God of War 4 release date would land in 2012.

If you haven’t played all the God of War games yet, here’s your spoiler alert…

To quote PSM3 magazine’s rumors:

“Why is it hot? It’s bringing double Kratos to the series. GOW4 was confirmed to PSM3 mid-2011 by a reliable source, and rumours point to a multiplayer twist. Mad idea? Online co-op with a (possibly) dead Kratos and (very) dead brother Deimos teaming up to escape the afterlife.”

This interesting video gives a Behind the Scenes look at creating character art for the God of War series.

Quote via Sillegamer

How do you like the idea of God of War going co-op?



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