Street Fighter x Tekken Roster Adds M. Bison & Xiaoyu

4 January 2012
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M. Bison & Xiaoyu in Street Fighter x Tekken screenshot

The newest Street Fighter x Tekken characters added to the roster are M. Bison and Ling Xiaoyu.

These are the latest character to join the beat-down crossover between Tekken and Street Fighter characters. Although they have yet to be officially confirmed by Capcom, they were discovered in a screenshot (shown above) that has since been removed from Which you can bet is further proof it got leaked before they had the announcement ready, as fighting game developers tend to slowly reveal their game’s roster as we get closer to launch. In this case the Street Fighter x Tekken release date for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC is March 6th in America and March 9th in Europe, leaving the PS Vita date unconfirmed (but that launches on February 22 so who knows).

We won’t have to wait much longer for confirmation of more fighters on the Street Fighter x Tekken roster, because the game’s producer Yoshinori Ono has told fans on his Twitter that more character announcements will happen in January 2012.

When asked at the end of 2011 how many new characters are yet to be announced, he said:

“We’re not [done] yet publishing new characters! Hehehe~~ ;P

I can’t count by my finger… hehehe~ ;P”

So that’s 10 or more characters that are still a secret! 😀

This video shows M. Bison’s introduction in Street Fighter IV:

This trailer shows Ling Xiaoyu in Tekken 6:

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