Tekken 3D Prime Edition Characters List (3DS)

41 characters in Tekken 3D: Prime Edition will make their mark for the first true modern Tekken game on a modern Nintendo system (Previously Namco released Tekken Advance for Game Boy Advance).

The game will be a complete, core Tekken fighter and includes 700 Collectable Cards to earn, a full 60 frames-per-second fluidity in both stereoscopic 3D mode and 2D mode, 40 stages to battle on, an a full copy of the CG Tekken movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance. A 90-minute CGI film, all on one tiny 3DS cart!

1. Alisa Bosconovitch
2. Anna Williams
3. Armor King II
4. Asuka Kazama
5. Baek Doo San
6. Bruce Irvin
7. Bryan Fury
8. Christie Monteiro
9. Craig Marduk
10. Devil Jin
11. Eddy Gordo
12. Eleonore “Leo” Kliesen
13. Emilie “Lili” de Rochefort
14. Feng Wei
15. Ganryu
16. Heihachi Mishima
17. Hwoarang
18. Jack-6
19. Jin Kazama
20. Julia Chang
21. Kazuya Mishima
22. King II
23. Kuma II
24. Lars Alexandersson
25. Lee Chaolan
26. Lei Wulong
27. Ling Xiaoyu
28. Marshall Law
29. Miguel Caballero Rojo
30. Mokujin
31. Nina Williams
32. Panda
33. Paul Phoenix
34. Raven
35. Robert “Bob” Richards
36. Roger Jr.
37. Sergei Dragunov
38. Steve Fox
39. Wang Jinrei
40. Yoshimitsu
41. Zafina

Who is your favorite Tekken 3D character from this list? Anyone you don’t see that you hope is in the game?

Here’s the first Tekken 3D Prime Edition trailer: