Grateful Dead Game: The Epic Tour Announced

The Grateful Dead Game: The Epic Tour has been officially announced. You can check out the official web-site which is now up. Vote on your favorite tunes and the winners will be included in the final game.

It is still unclear exactly what this game will be and what platform it will be on, and whether it’s some kind of crazy MMO, Adventure game or just a standard music game. The trailer below seems to suggest it is anything but standard.

What is clear is that players will enter into the world of the Dead, as they transform into colorful dancing bears… seated on a magical train that fly’s through time and space, while you dance along with the bears to the most popular tracks from the band and are taken to their most famous shows.

Whether it will, in the end, be a The Beatles: Rock Band type of project or not remains to be seen. But it should be interesting, particularly for fans, nonetheless.

We’ll surely find out more about The Grateful Dead Game: The Epic Tour, in 2012.

Here’s the debut trailer for The Grateful Dead Game: The Epic Tour.