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27 December 2011
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Mr. Grimm Screenshot (Twisted Metal 2012)

Many characters will appear in Twisted Metal 2012, although the game will mainly have players choosing from one of several factions.

Those factions include: The Preachers (Based on The Preacher), The Clowns (Based on Sweet Tooth), The Dolls (Based on Dollface), The Skulls (Based on Mr. Grimm.

Revealed specific characters for Twisted Metal 2012 include:

1. Axel
2. Calypso
3. Crazy 8
4. Darkside
5. Dollface
6. Junkyard Dog
7. Mr. Grimm
8. Sweet Tooth
9. The Preacher

Additionally, iconic vehicles play as big a part in the series as the characters, and new vehicles include:

1. An 80’s-style Chevrolet Monte Carlo
2. Axel (Double Giant Wheels)
3. Crimson Fury
4. Darkside (Semi Truck)
5. Death Warrant (Ford Mustang)
6. Juggernaut (18-Wheeler)
7. Junkyard Dog
8. Kamikazi (Japanese-themed Sports Car)
9. Meat Wagon (similar to the Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1)
10. Outlaw (SUV)
11. Reaper (Mr. Grimm-style Motorcycle)
12. Roadbat (Cadillac-style Car)
13. Roadkill (Flaming Junker Hot Rod)
14. Shadow (A Hearse)
15. Sweet Tooth’s Ice Cream Truck
16. Talon (A Helicopter)
17. Vermin (Rodent-Catcher Van)
18. Warthog (Tank With Car On Top)

Here is the Calypso Reveal Trailer.

Here is the Sweet Tooth Reveal Trailer.

Here is the DollFace Reveal Trailer.

Here is the Mr. Grimm Reveal Trailer.


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