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24 December 2011
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This Final Fantasy Type-0 preview will give a quick look at what can be expected from Square Enix 1st Department’s upcoming action, RPG title.

Set in Oriens, a beautiful place divided into four nations built around the power of crystals, for reasons unknown, the Suzaku crystal keeping the Milites at bay at Rubrum shatters, leaving the nation vulnerable to attack. The students of Class Zero who still posses the power of the crystal must band together refuse to surrender. Players take on the role of the students and must fight back!

Part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, Final Fantasy Type-0 is an upcoming action, RPG video game developed by Square Enix’s 1st Production Dept.

Released on October 27, 2011 in Japan exclusively for the PSP, the game will be hitting US and EU retailers sometime in the future, though no specific launch date has been announced yet.

Meet the cast of Type-0 in this Japanese trailer introducing all of the games important characters.

And get a taste for how the game plays in this video containing 11+ minutes of footage.

Key Features of Final Fantasy Type-0

Here is a list of key features that will be available in Square Enix 1st Department’s Final Fantasy Type-0 based on news and announcements made so far.

Battle System: Aiming to be the “fastest ATB ever created”, the battle system in Type-0 is a new and improved version of the “ATB Kai” system created by Takatsugu Nakazawa for Final Fantasy X-2, and later refined in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII. Unlike Crisis Core however, the combat in Final Fantasy Type-0 is party-based. Instead of navigating through menus, actions are mapped directly to the face buttons for quick access.

Multi-Player: Though not a full-scale multiplayer mode, players can use this feature as an emergency backup when the player’s party is on its last legs. Multiplayer will normally last for three minutes, but time can be increased through the gathering of SP.

Crystarium System a.k.a. Alto Crystarium: This system helps to power up the characters’ magic using an energy called “Phantoma”, drawn from defeated monsters. The amount of recovery depends on the type of Phantoma, as indicated by the color.

Magic: Magic comes in three elemental types – fire, ice, and thunder. The various spells also differ in attack pattern and call method. Five varieties in this area are known at the moment.

  • Shotgun – This type doesn’t travel far, but is powerful at close-range.
  • Rifle – This type shoots directly at a target. It travels far but has a narrow range.
  • Bomb – This type can be useful against both nimble and small enemies.
  • Missile – This type chases after the enemy before releasing its magic.
  • Rocket Launcher – When this type strikes, it will explode and damage enemies and the surrounding area.

Party Play and Missions: Players have the option to choose the leader of their party and members can be changed during gameplay manually or when the leading member is KO’ed. Aid can also be called in and summons can be used in battle. The game’s structure is mission-based. There are also sub-objectives in battle to strive for.

Trinity Attack System: Much like the trio-specials seen in Kingdom Hearts, “Trinity Attacks” are group combination skills that require 3 members to pull-off. They are weaker than Summons, but can be used multiple times without needing to sacrifice a character.

Take a look at the official cinematic trailer!

Excited for this game? Can’t wait to meet the class of Final Fantasy Type-0? Perhaps you don’t even like the Final Fantasy franchise? Leave your comments and opinions in the section below!

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