Dead or Alive 5 Preview

This Dead or Alive 5 preview will give a quick look at what can be expected from Team Ninja’s upcoming fighting game.

With new characters, designs, interactive stages, improved graphics and controls there’s no reason why any Dead or Alive fan shouldn’t be excited, and now that the game is returning to the realm of the consoles Team Ninja are officially pulling out all the stops!

The latest installment in the fighting game franchise, Dead or Alive 5 is being developed by Team Ninja though this time without the input of series creator Tomonobu Itagaki.

It is due to be released sometime in 2012 (no specific release date has been revealed yet) on both the PlayStation 3 (a first in the series) and Xbox 360 consoles.

GameSpot’s Giancarlo Varanini and Maxwell McGee get their mits on the latest build for Dead Or Alive 5 and give their impressions from the Team Ninja event in this video!

Key Features of Dead or Alive 5

Here is a list of key features that will be available in Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive 5 based on news and announcements made so far.

Characters: The team Ninja Head at the Tecmo Development Studios, Yosuke Hayashi has confirmed that new characters will be added to the roster, and that the design for existing characters will be updated. Ayane, Hayate, Hitomi, Ryu Hayabusa have all been confirmed, with Kasumi’s appearance still a rumor.

Graphics and Style: The overall look of DOA 5 is much more realistic compared to previous titles in the series, costumes are less revealing and overall proportions have been improved. All character models will also “sweat” as they fight adding to the overall realism.

New Moves: A “Power Blow” or “Power Move” have also been added. A unique move, it can be executed by holding the right trigger button this attack can be charged up to unleash a devastating slow-mo combo! The player can also aim these moves and launch their opponents into Danger Zones!

Interactive Stage: Stages in DOA 5 will not only act as visual backdrops but play to a fighter’s strengths and weaknesses. As a fight ensues, the backdrop will change and “interact” with players, giving them a different challenges and actions to perform. There will also be a new type of “Danger Zone” called a Cliffhanger, which gives the opponent little time to recover from a fatal attack.

Take a look at the TGS 2011 debut trailer!

Here’s a March 2012 Production Update from the Dead or Alive 5 Team!

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