Battlefield 2143 Hints Hidden In Battlefield 3

Could Battlefield 2143, sequel to Battlefield 2142, be coming next from EA?

Hints at that reality have been found within Battlefield 3, specifically at the Wake Island Map. It is there that you can find the numbers “2143” stencilled into a crate.

Whether this is an actual hint as to a sequel to the 2006 megahit or not is anyone’s guess, but with the huge success of Battlefield 3, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that a futuristic version of Battlefield 3 would be perfect for a follow-up. You can only imagine Battlefield 2143 running on the Frostbite engine, it’d be a wonder to behold!

Here’s the launch trailer for Battlefield 2142, released for PC and Mac in October 2006.

This video shows exactly where to find the Battlefield 3 Easter Egg “2143 Crate” on the Wake Island Map.

Thanks to HinesGaming for the Battlefield 3 Easter Egg video.

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