The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Announced For 2012

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes has been announced for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC release in 2012. The game is the newest entry in the “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes PC series” of adventure games, and the first to hit console.

“Forget everything you thought you knew and discover a Sherlock Holmes darker than ever. The detective’s reputation on the verge of being ruined, the admiration of Doctor Watson toward him is starting to fade and change into hatred as he witnesses his friend committing reprehensible acts. 1898, London. All the evidence of police investigation points at Sherlock Holmes as the main suspect in a case involving theft, fraud and double-crossings. Unable to prove his own innocence, Holmes is rapidly losing London’s trust as doubt spreads through the city like wildfire. Even Doctor Watson’s faith in his friend begins to waver, as the famous detective flees Scotland Yard and raises further suspicion; prowling around at night, destruction of evidence… would Holmes go so far as to commit murder?

For the first time, the series will break the convines of first-person and go into a third-person perspective, with “tight controls” specifically built with the console in mind, so say the developers. The game was also built using a new engine from developer Frogwares, and features high-resolution textures and complex scenes that will bring the adventure to life. The game also promises lush environments to explore that will “raise the bar for console adventure games.”

“The complex and decidedly-mature storyline surrounds a particularly tricky investigation, in which each and every puzzle will challenge both insight and wits! As Sherlock Holmes, you will use the detective’s full repertoire: handle and inspect clues, reenact crimes and use the game’s new deduction system to draw your own conclusions. Choose your questioning approach to catch characters off guard and gather valuable information. Players are facing an open investigation, and must decide which leads to follow and which to ignore.”

Here is the debut trailer for this new game, which has nothing to do with the Robert Downey Jr. movie series I might add.