How To Kill A Zombie In Yakuza: Dead Souls

If you thought zombies were bad, meet the Yakuza!

No I’m not talking about the Japanese, blood ‘n’ guts horror film, “Junk“. I’m talking about Sega’s upcoming PS3 exclusive, Yakuza: Dead Souls.

Let’s be honest, most of us have been fed enough Z-fiction to know HOW to kill a zombie, but do you know how to kill a zombie the Yakuza-way? A new trailer released by SEGA showcases exactly that. It reveals the arsenal of kick-ass weaponry at your disposal, techniques you can use and how effective they are against people of the undead variety.

Set after the events of Yakuza 4 the game sees a zombie outbreak in the city of Kamurocho.
Yakuza: Dead Souls features many playable characters, some new, and some returning from past Yakuza installments, such as Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima.

Having been released already in Japan on June 9, 2011, the game is due to launch in the EU on March 16, 2012 and in the US on an unspecified date in March!

How do you stop someone who won’t stay dead? Take a leaf out of the Yakuza’s book:

Are you excited for this game? Are you a fan of the Yakuza series? Or perhaps you aren’t too bothered about playing yet another zombie-infested video game? Feel free to leave your comments and opinions in the section below!