Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2012 Rumored

Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2012 is rumored to be on!

What game do you think Namco Bandai will continue in 2012 as part of this newest Dragon Ball videogame project?

Will it be Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi 2 or Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 3? Or will it be something entirely different?

You can speculate for yourselves by reading Treevax’s post regarding this rumored title, which he says he saw in action. Do you believe him? Post your comments below!

Here is a video discussing the rumor.

Here is Treevax’s Full Facebook Post:

We arrive at the place of the Community Day at 9:30. Tony came to greet us and invites us to install. The opening of the game is already running, and we see immediately that it is always the Cha-Cha-la head. The first thing: We ask whether the opening will be in the final game. And then, oh joy! This is the case!

Then we ask Tony how they succeeded in having it. The answer is simple: “you pay for. And it cost a fortune. ” So it is quite exceptional. Then we ask some questions about the trailers that were to be released in September, during the Tokyo Game Show: Namco Bandai had permission to use CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA for the opening of the final game, but not for TRAILERS US and Europeans. It can give you a glimpse of the complexity of the problem, “Themes and OST sung DB / DBZ / DBGT.”

As a result, the trailers were ready to be uploaded on the YouTube account of Namco Bandai, but could not be disseminated. Tony has even offered to show us. “It’s the same trailer as Japanese, but the texts are in English. “. As the Japanese trailer had already been announced and the day would pass quickly, we politely declined his proposal.

2 PS3 versions of the game have been proposed: One was released to 100%, the other was a “new game”, which allowed us to visualize what could be released as and when the advance . The game that we had access was 90% complete, and therefore enjoyed the final content. Final details were about the timing and finishing attacks. As DBRB2 version that we tested, in fact.

So I installed the camera on a tripod in front of the version in “new game”, and started to film the story mode (the videos I uploaded on YouTube). Meanwhile, other members were testing versus the roster with all unlocked.

This allowed us to check the final roster: 41 characters separated, so about 60 if you count transformations. During the day, we were able to confirm the two characters in GT: Li Shenron and SSJ4 Gogeta. We also found the “holes”, very surprising omissions, like normal teen Gohan, Bejito normal, normal Gotenks, SSJ2 Vegeta …

We were not very surprised, as Nakajima-san told us June 30 at the Japan Expo interview that the new gameplay was a need to repeat in full each character. It is also why the majority of special attacks and ultimate one knew by heart were recast. Or by different planes or by a different gesture, or by adding or changing shots of timing.

Very soon, we could see the 16 stages: The plain (rebuilt), the rocky area (renovated), the temple of Kami-sama, hell (again), the glacier, the Tenka Ichi Budokai, the asteroid, Namek (reorganized), the city (and slightly reorganized recoloriée), the Cell Game, the archipelago (just redone), the cave (larger and airy), the world of Kaioshin, Namek destroyed and the new course: the PLATEAU, which serves as ground for, among other Goku & Piccolo VS Raditz in storymode.

Sharnalk Molzer and took the initiative to create their characters in HERO MODE. We noted the lack of variety in hair cuts, unfortunately. Anyway, this method has the merit to exist, and every haircut has its equivalent in super Saiyajin, which appears in the script. The latter is also a little far fetched (I know, easy joke), but brings a breath of fresh air. It’s great to discover this alternative world in which “something has changed everything.” The process of the new eye works very well, and meet our heroes “for the first time” is very nice and well led.

We found very (too) many bugs and errors. The dogi Goku is not the right one, a character who is finding themselves under water in the sky to launch his attack (without transition) … Remember that when you finish a combo with an attack action, and you send the opponent “in the ground” (with the explosion of rocks), soil was again intact from the plan after (1 second). This is seen in the trailer Trunks vs C17 and it is in fact systematic …

Any damage to the ground (except those caused by the special attacks and ultimate: the furrow, the crater and small craters close) disappear immediately …

Moreover, it will explain the logic of these monstrous damage. If you send a Garric Ho from top to bottom against an opponent, and he takes the attack (which is directed towards the ground), there is no crater. Unless the opponent has his two feet on the ground. While the ultimate direction of kikoha is the same! Ahem …

After a few minutes, Tony challenged me to be talking about graphics. We talked about the prerequisites for running sets of characters in Cel Shading. We talked for a while. His view remains unchanged: the reference to “loyalty” of Dragonballz is an animated series ‘aging’, which can not be compared to today’s standards. I asked him what he thought graphics Naruto UNS (1 & 2). He confirmed that he liked it.

That’s why I tried to explain why the sets DBRB, DBRB2 and UT could not stick with the characters in Cel Shading. The gave him the most telling example in UT: the sky. Clouds in the UT are so-called “photo-realistic.” It is a true picture of clouds that has been plated texture. It is seen mostly on the lowest clouds, which undergo a backlight, and the center becomes dark.

I tried to show him screenshots of what is necessary for good integration: Burst Limit sets, and those of Naruto UNS2. It’s quite difficult to explain the differences, especially in these circumstances. So I give the explanation, and promised him to make him a card for any comparative compare and explain. History put the odds on our side for a return to the visual fidelity!

We asked Tony if he happened to watch the exchange of international fans of the group “Ultimate Dragonballz Tenkaichi created by Gui33: It turns out that following these discussions very ready! And the reactions of fans on This page is reported at least once a week at Namco Bandai Games, they exchange about the demands and discontent of fans. In other words: Yes, we always listened to, and will remain for a while.

Tony also told us a bit overwhelmed. It is supposed to deal only with the European part of fans. However, he finds himself having to deal with fans who do not have US community manager, and the sudden turn toward him! We were unable to confirm that our support.

TO 2012
For the developer of next year: we talked at length, too. Spike is not confirmed, but it is not “out” either. Why? Because Japanese developers are not very many. We of course talked Cyber Connect 2. But again, it is the producers who make strategic decisions and set the specifications. Cyber Connect2 have as a developer does not have a game in cel shading, because it is not the developer who makes these decisions. Especially since the firm is already in charge of another franchise. They are not going to multiply.

Anyway, Namco Bandai is already preparing the next game we are currently in the analysis phase Tenkaichi returns for Ultimate. Phase that will continue a little after the release of the game Tony told us that the meeting of February 2011 was a great help to confirm some requests for fans. The good things found in UT (fighting giants, exploration of the world, cinematic 3D) also directly result from this meeting.

A further meeting will be held to prepare the ground, to establish policy positions for Dragonball Game Age Project 2012. This meeting should take place “much earlier than last year.”

We again talked about the constraints imposed by the SHUESHA, the licensors of Dragonball, who hold the rights. We talked of the obligation of a game a year, which is absurd. Carambola asked “but you can not leave such a game one year next-gen game on a laptop and the following year? History to have two years of development for next-gen games?”. Tony has unfortunately confirmed that it was not possible. Relations with the SHUESHA are not really looking good, it seems they are quite rigid and are not kidding with this stuff.

We asked whether the principle of two developers working together was always considered. Apparently not, and that would be both too costly and difficult (it goes back to the small number of developers in Japan, besides the producers can not supervise two games at the same time without the risk of product design escape …). So we are already on the mode of production the most effective, although it is extremely frustrating to have to wait and see the roster reduced by 40% due to a change in gameplay …

Regarding the decline in sales of the latest games, we were reminded that the increase in listening to the fans is really the “awakening” Dragonball games. And we were also reminded that the purpose of any business is to make the turnover. Therefore, if sales continue to drop a game to another, this will cause the logical end of the Dragonball games. If games are more profitable, it will be the logical end. The producer will focus on a different vein.

Let’s cross our fingers so qu’UT back on track, because for Namco Bandai, if the fact of listening to the fans did not help to save the game Dragonball is that the seam is dry. In other words, they will not try to questioning about their poor choice (who said gameplay?).

We also talked about the DLC. Tony told us he had no info about it. All he knows is that the game looking for updates at each launch. As Raging Blast 2, in fact. And as development time is short, so it is unlikely to get downloadable content, because it clips the deadline to next game

To 16 hours, Tony invited us to come together to pray. No kidding. To take stock with us and ask us questions. The first was: “Would you be interested if the next game keeps the same orientation, except for the gameplay? ”

The overall response tended to “yes.” Each gave his views and some areas for improvement. Some wanted different graphics (why you look at me like that?), Many wanted the roster grows, and if I remember correctly (please refresh me) Gintoki has confirmed that he loved new gameplay in the state, with its key strategic.

Tony has just noted, given that Namco Bandai is aware that we represent the fans ‘hardcore’ of Dragonball and its adaptations in games, and therefore, we believe that is truly representative of some of the buyers. We told him it was conscious, but … because we are more difficult to meet, the fact that we always listen to bring better games!

The second question concerned the online mode. Tony wanted to know if we had any suggestions to improve it or make it more attractive. Several ideas were discussed: the return of choice “fight for fun / fight to win.” A globe of the world of Dragonball characters created on which players meet and decide to battle. The addition of a co-op mode that would make all missions (eg J1 + J2 Goku against Piccolo Radditz).

The day is past at breakneck speed. We ended the death of the Bejita deathbeam of Freeza (very loyal, much like that of Sparking Meteor), and the transformation of Goku super Saiyajin (a beautiful animated sequence!).

Tony and his colleague Olivier then packed up their equipment. We waited and then we went out for a photo memorable enough (!).

And voila! It was a big pad, but I hope you enjoy having all this information that can see more clearly in the process of creating games Dragonball. Arming us patience, we are on track!

Via Treevax’s Facebook. Thanks to Nostal Deviant Art for the image.