Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacrons Locations Guide

Our Star Wars: The Old Republic Datacrons locations guide will show you where to find these highly valuable secret items hidden throughout this MMO RPG adventure.

Datacrons are not necessarily crucial, but you will want to find as many as you can; due to the fact that getting one permanently increases one of your character’s stats.

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Some Datacrons are easy to find and spottable in open area, whereas others are deviously hidden. You can find them easier though by looking for the pulsing glow that they emit. This glow is very bright and can be seen from a distance. Some Datacrons will be much tougher than others though, as they will require you to solve complex logic puzzles in order to earn them as a reward. You’ll also earn a Codex entry giving further backstory on the Infinite Empire, the creators of the Datacrons.

Empire (Sith) Datacrons

3 Found In Korriban – This video showcases the Datacrons found on the Sith starter planet Korriban.

#1 – X:529, Y:65, Z:-162 – Reward: Willpower +2
#2 – X:150, Y:5, Z:77 – Reward: Endurance +2
#3 – X:-55, Y:379 – Reward: Red Matrix Shard

5 Found In Dromund Kaas

#1 – X:855, Y:642 – Reward: +2 Strength
#2 – X:581, Y:798 – Reward: +2 Presence
#3 – X:-1219, Y:-48 – Reward: +2 Cunning.
#4 – X:-793, Y:1450 – Reward: +2 Endurance.
#5 – X:-187, Y:1738 – Reward: Yellow Matrix Shard.

3 Found In Hutta
Hutta marks the starting planet for Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents. You’ll find three Datacrons here that only the Empire has access to. You can get them as Sith at any time once you’ve obtained your Starship.

#1 – X:-95, Y:861, Z:22 – Reward: Aim +2
#2 – X:650, Y:13 – Reward: Presence +2
#3 – X:-22, Y:22, Z:318 – Reward: Blue Matrix Shard.

Republic (Jedi) Datacrons

5 Found In Coruscant
This is the Republic capital of Coruscant, thus only obtainable by Jedi. Some of these are extremely tough to find.

#1 – X: 2318, Y:1050, Z:472 – Reward: +2 Presence.
#2 – X:-3626, Y:151, Z:-1293 – Reward: +2 Endurance
#3 – X:1021, Y:3967, Z:-1036 – Reward: Cunning +2
#4 – X:949, Y:4540, Z:-2262 – Reward: Yellow Matrix Shard.
#5 – X:-3088, Y:3031, Z:538 – Reward: +2 Strength.

3 Found In Tython
Tython is the starting planet for the Jedi. Troopers and Smugglers can get here by going through the Republic Fleet dock.

#1 – X:-32, Y:-100, Z:-35 – Reward: +2 Endurance
#2 – X:-642, Y:-71, Z:35 – Reward: +2 Willpower
#3 – X:-90, Y:920 , Z:93 – Reward: Blue Matrix Shard

3 Found In Ord Mantell
The starting planet for Troopers and Smugglers. Jedi can get here by going through the Republic Fleet dock.

#1 – X:779, Y:132, Z:7 – Rewards: Red Matrix Shard, Codex Entry: Galatic History 14: The Fall of Tion
#2 – X:-656, Y:43, Z:573 – Rewards: +2 Aim, Codex Entry: Galatic History 12: The Birth of the Republic
#3 – X:-977, Y:206, Z:8 – Rewards: +2 Presence, Codex Entry: Galatic History 13: The First Great Schism

5 Found In Nar Shaddaa
This shady planet holds 5 Datacrons for the Jedi.

5 Found In Taris

5 Found In Tatooine

5 Found In Balmora

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