Fable MMO? Lionhead Looking For MMO Programmer

Is a Fable MMO TRULY on the way? Looks like that may be the case….

Fable developer Lionhead is looking for an MMO programmer, someone who has experience working on past Massively Multiplayer Online Games. Of course, this could be anything really, but Fable is the company’s forte, so a Fable MMO would make sense. And has been rumored in the past.

The ideal candidate Lionhead is looking for “is someone who enjoys playing MMO games and has significant experience with the workings of a massive online multiplayer environment”.

If you’re that person, you’ll need to be able to:

– Work with the design and programming teams to ensure the feasibility of multiplayer features.
– Have a passion for playing MMO games, and a minimum of one shipped MMO as a network programmer.
– You are more desirable if you have experience that includes Xbox 360 / Xbox Live experience and multiplatform development experience.
– More desirable if you have experience with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine – which Lionhead is using to build Fable: The Journey.

Fable 4 is rumored to hit in 2013, could this be it? We’ll have to wait and see. Next year we’ll get the Kinect-based Fable: The Journey.

Here is a trailer for Fable: The Journey.

Via Eurogamer