Sonic CD Walkthrough Video Guide (XBLA, PSN, iOS)

14 December 2011
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Sonic CD Walkthrough Art

This Sonic CD walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this classic 32-bit 2D platform for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC.

Sonic comes alive like never before as he faces off against an evil doppelganger called Metal Sonic created by the nefarious Dr. Robotnik.

In his quest to stop the robotic duo, Sonic must collect all of the Time Stones hidden in different eras of time (present, past and future) to stop Eggman from ruling the earth. To that end, players will blast at high speed through 50 stages each with different versions of time and era that change up the landscape. Additionally, Tails is unlockable as a playable character as a special enhancement for this digital download version of this classic platformer!

Sonic CD is rated E for Everyone for Mild Cartoon Violence and is safe for the whole family.

Table of Contents

Sonic CD Walkthrough

Key Game Features:

  • A fantastic single-player adventure through different eras of time!
  • Over 50 levels of blistering fast-paced, classic platforming action!
  • The game opens with a Sonic CD cartoon intro!
  • Save “Little Planet” as a bonus character, the beloved Miles “Tails” Prower marks his Sonic CD debut as a playable character!

Act 1 Walkthrough (Xbox 360 Version)

Classic Sonic CD Walkthrough (Full Version)

More walkthrough videos will be posted once they are available.

Thanks to DayZofSega and IGNentertainment for the walkthrough videos.

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