Dead Rising 3 To Star New Main Character

11 December 2011
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Dead Rising 3 Rick the Mechanic Art

Dead Rising 3 stars an all-new character named Rick, according to the first leaked details about the upcoming sequel.

Reportedly, Rick is an Auto Mechanic, and the game will be set in Los Perdidos, California; in a state that has the city in ruins and under martial law… following a deadly zombie outbreak. Rick’s job in the city is to repair a plane, using his mechanics skills, in order to save him and as many others as he can before a bomb levels the city.

Apparently the game will deal with the illegal immigration issue to some extent, reportedly via a character named Red, who is the leader of a gang of unregistered people or “illegals”; those who’ve been infected and not told the state about their condition.

A psychopathic character who is the leader of a biker gang will also appear as a boss character, and he reportedly rides a Roller Hog bike, which is a motorcycle with a steam roller on its front!

No word on when the game will be announced or the platforms its on, but we’ll most likely see something about it in January following the Christmas holiday, or early next year.

January 2013 Update: Blur Studio made a Dead Rising 3 trailer in 2012. Seems that Dead Rising 3 is definitely on the way.

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