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8 December 2011
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This Guild Wars 2 preview will give a quick look at what can be expected from AreaNet’s upcoming massively online multiplayer game.

Guild Wars 2 takes place in the high fantasy world of Tyria, 250 years after the players’ defeat of the Great Destroyer in the Eye of the North expansion.

The player is tasked with reuniting the members of the disbanded Destiny’s Edge, a multi-racial adventuring guild whose combined strength is needed to combat Zhaitan, the undead Elder Dragon.

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in development by ArenaNet. Set in the fantasy world of Tyria, the game follows the re-emergence of Destiny’s Edge, a disbanded guild dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons.

The release date has yet to be announced, but we can expect to see the game sometime in 2012!

Lead content designer Colin Johanson discusses the event system and story of Guild Wars 2 in this video interview!

The interview with Arenanet’s Colin Johanson continues as he talks about diverse matters such as the new Sulvari race and the keg brawl mini.

Game designer Isaiah Cartwright talks about the combat in this video.

And take a look at the complete 40+ minute demonstration of Guild Wars 2 as shown to the press at GamesCom 2010 in Cologne. Played by ArenaNet and commented by Eric Flannum himself!

Key Features of Guild Wars 2

Here is a list of key features that will be available in AreaNet’s Guild Wars 2 based on news and announcements made so far.

The Modified Game Engine
Guild Wars 2 uses a heavily modified version of the game engine developed for Guild Wars. The modifications to the engine include real-time 3D environments, enhanced graphics and animations and the use of the Havok physics system.

Level Cap
The low level cap of Guild Wars (20) has been replaced with one capping out at 80, which strikes a balance between character development and avoiding grind-based gameplay that too often accompanies a high level cap.

Guild Wars 2 will allow players to create a character from a combination of five races and eight professions, which are divided into armor classes. The professions announced thus far are as follows:

  • Elementalist: A scholar profession, focusing on magic based elements. The elementalist’s unique mechanic is “attunements”; whereas the other revealed professions may switch between weapon sets, Elements may switch between four “attunements”, one for each of earth, fire, water, and air.
  • Warrior: A soldier profession. May use both ranged and melee weapons, shouts, stances, and “battle standards” (to buff allies and themselves). Their unique mechanic is adrenaline, which builds up as the warrior deals damage, increasing the damage of abilities, and providing a special ability when it is high enough.
  • Ranger: An adventurer profession. May use both ranged and melee weapons, with the ranged weapons covering a variety of roles, and melee abilities focusing around quick movement and defense. May also use traps and spirits to defend and area. Their unique mechanic is an animal companion, which can be equipped with a number of different skills, for different roles, depending on the type of animal.
  • Necromancer: A scholar profession, based on the manipulation of death. Has a number of life stealing skills, summonable minions, and a range of support abilities. Their unique mechanic is a “life force” resource that builds up as deaths occur near the necromancer.
  • Guardian: The second soldier profession. Uses Virtue (divided into three categories: Courage, Justice, and Resolve) to aid allies in combat, or use to power the Guardian’s own passive abilities. Can also create wards that prevent enemies from getting any closer, and can summon enchanted weapons in battle.
  • Thief: An adventurer profession. May use both ranged and melee weapons and is the first class announced to use pistols. Utilizes “shadow stepping”, traps and stealth in combat. The thief can also steal an item from a foe and use it as an impromptu weapon.
  • Engineer: An adventurer profession. Uses guns, both pistols and rifles, as well as a number of technological gadgets for offense, healing, and control. They can place turrets down on the battlefield, equip backpack kits that allow them to use mines, grenades, tools, and medicine, and equip new weapons into their hands using weapon kits.

PvE and PvP
In PvE, grind is combated with a sidekick system, similar to that used in City of Heroes, allowing two players with a large level disparity to normalize their levels and enjoy content as though they were the same level. In PvP, entry to e-sport will grant access to all skills, items and provide a fixed level, so that all players will be on a level playing field.

“Hall of Monuments”
Players will not be able to carry over their characters from Guild Wars into Guild Wars 2; however, the achievements and honors accumulated by all the characters on players’ accounts are commemorated in the Hall of Monuments.

Behold the Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer!

Are you excited for the game? Leave your opinions and comments in the section below.

Be sure to check out our Guild Wars 2 Screenshots Gallery!



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