The Longest Journey 3: Dreamfall Chapters Release Date Before 2013

According to the original creator, a new Longest Journey game is entirely possible.

Rumors have been circulating for quite some time now, and apparently the continuation of the Dreamfall story will be published in episodic format under the title ‘The Dreamfall Chapters’.

When asked directly about a sequel, Funcom’s Ragnar Tornquist stated that it is “absolutely possible”.

He also added however: “It’s just a question of finishing The Secret World and seeing where that’s going and maybe I’ll jump into something else. It would be fun to revisit [The Longest Journey] some time.”

In reference to the Dreamfall Chapters, Tornquist has said in the past, unofficially of course, that the Chapters will be similar to Dreamfall in terms of gameplay. The player characters will be controlled from third-person perspective but the “focus field” will no longer be used. The gameplay will be a mix of “puzzles and exploration and conversations and mini-games and action”. He specifically commented that combat (a point often criticized about Dreamfall) will be “revamped” to not “feel like typical action-adventure combat […] or be completely broken”, instead “mixing puzzles, problem solving and good, old-fashioned violence”.

First released in 2000, The Longest Journey mixed sci-fi and fantasy elements with the main character, April Ryan, moving in between the real world and a fantasy world.

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