Super Mario 3D Land Special World Walkthrough

Special World 2-1

This is an automatically scrolling stage. I suggest being Tanooki powered. Right off the bat, if you aren’t Tanooki, don’t bother Butt Stomping the bricks to break them, nothing but Coins. Go through the Red Coin Ring and collect all the Coins for a Power-Up, but be careful of the bottom Piranha Plant, might wanna take him out first. Another Power-Up can be found in the Question Mark block mixed in with a group of breakable bricks. Found just before you see a small group of Music Blocks below two big Music Blocks. You’ll find the second Collectable in the back of the section with the rising and lowering yellow platforms near the end of the platform section as the screen is scrolling up. Be sure on the last yellow platform to make a running leap at top speed to make it to the music note blocks on the bottom. Once you reach the final room with the rising platform and the Flagpole, make a running leap at top speed and jump at the VERY last second from the rising platforms to make it to the top of the castle where you’ll find the final Collectable. This is much harder to make with Super Mario but easy with Super Luigi. Now simply leap towards the Flagpole!

Special World 2-2

Oh noes! It’s a timed UNDERWATER stage! Worst of combos! As you’d expect, you want to avoid ALL regular Coins and blocks here, only going for Time Coins and racing towards the finish. So ignore all the spinning circles of Coins in the opening section, going exclusively for the Time Coin and then straight for the Green Pipe. As soon as you jump into the water at the next part to get the Time Coin, don’t bother jumping out to see what’s above you, there’s nothing there. After going through a small hallway and coming out the other side, you’ll notice the first Collectable in plain view tucked into the corner, along with a Time Coin that seems to indicate you can go below it. You can’t, so carefully grab the Time Coin or just swim past. You’ll see a Time Coin that looks like it may be in a cage, it’s not, so grab it (don’t you dare try to go behind and into the cage, no point as the hole from the first version of this level is blocked off anyway) and don’t bother going through the gold rings. Simply jump out of the water. Once you enter the long hallway with the bricks and fences at the top, you’ll see a lot of breakable blocks. Leave them alone, but keep your eye out on the top of the screen as that’s where you’ll find the second Collectable. You can go below the eel for two small Time Coins, but there’s also a squid (called a Blooper) so don’t go if you don’t have a Fire flower. Don’t bother killing the eel either, as the Unagi takes too many fireball hits before he perishes, draining precious time. After swimming up and through some gold rings, you’ll be at the final section. Wall Jump to reach the final Collectable and ignore the cacti, they don’t give you anything but Coins for destroying them. Hope in the pipe and you’ll be at the Flagpole!

Special World 2-3

I recommend entering this stage with Tanooki Power. This stage features a moving green Arrow Platform over dangerous lava! Don’t fall! During the first section, avoid the first Coin Box you see, Coins are too dangerous to go for in a stage like this, so also avoid all regular Coins unless you can easily get them. This stage is best played with Tanooki Mario or Tanooki Luigi, as you’ll have to leap over Shadow Fuzzies that patrol some ropes and make things difficult. For the first group of the dangerous black Satan spawn, you probably want to move forward a bit then back, then forward and then leap over, making sure you’ll have enough room on the platform to land as well as have it move forward a bit. After the first Fuzzy you’ll find a second group of them, this time with a Stone Leaf floating in between! Obviously you want it, although you are best simply leaping over them and continuing. To get it, if you so choose, go forward and then before you reach them press back a bit, then forward strong which should drive you through the gap with the Stone Leaf intact. Once you reach the end of the track, the platform will fall so be sure to leap towards the next one. Leave the Spike Dragon’s alone and do not try to jump to break their bricks. You don’t have to duck to avoid being hit either, you’ll go under them safely while standing. Directly following them you’ll find the first collectable, just be sure to leap over the swinging Spike Bar carefully to grab it.

After jumping from the top to the bottom Arrow Platforms in the next section, you’ll be tempted to go backwards towards a Coin Box you saw while falling. DON’T. DO. IT. It’s a trap! A Poison Mushroom lurks inside, desiring to eat you and your soul. TEMPTATION BE GONE! The following section is a tough little bit. Do NOT move the Arrow Platform all the way to the right past the Shadow Fuzzies and the Red Coin Ring, as it is simply a dead end and does NOT include stops on the track, so you will fall off if you aren’t careful. Avoid trying to get the Red Coin Ring, not worth it. Leap from one platform to the next when the Shadow Fuzzies are moving to the right of the top side, and then leap to the left, landing on the left arrow, then quickly jump again to land on the right so the Arrow Platform doesn’t move left and off the edge. The next jump should be easier. Wait until the Shadow Fuzzies are going to the right, giving you enough space to jump onto the next platform. This whole section is much easier with Tanooki Power obviously, giving you the ability to simply float over the damn Satan Spawn. Once you are out and riding along again, you’ll come across a Water Spray, above you is the first Star Coin, to get it, keep going past the Waterspray and then have it take you above while coming from the left.

To reach the next platform, wait until the Waterspray starts to spray up, then move forward. Try to get as close as you can to the next platform before taking a running leap or a Long Jump to it. The next Waterspray can be even more treacherous. Do not go forward too far or you’ll fall off the track. So stay behind the Waterspray, make sure it is well into spraying before going forward at it full speed, then Long Jump if you must to the next Arrow Platform on the upper track. After taking the huge drop down, hold left as you are about to land and go for a bit before pressing right. At this point you want to slowly creep back towards the final Collectable you saw as you were coming down. Do this by jumping on the left and holding for a bit, then jumping on the right button. Repeat until you are close to the Collectable. Don’t go too fast or long left as the rail drops off. It is very easy to die here. For the group of Satan Spawn ahead, wait until they are making their way to the other side before going. Be sure to leap at the end to reach the pipe with a Long Jump. You’ll finally be at the Flagpole, Long Jump from the top Arrow Platform once you are close to falling off the rail and you’ll hit the Flagpole.

Special World 2-4

This next level is much easier than the last, and is a Propeller Block stage, make sure you don’t go anywhere without the odd Propeller Block Power-Up on your head, which you’ll get from pretty much every Coin Block you come across. Remember that pressing and holding B will allow you to zip up into the air, and landing on an enemy gives you an additional zip. After passing the first trio of blocks (the middle has a Propeller Block) you’ll pass two stacked Para-Goombas. You’ll then need to make a long zip up and float down towards a flying Para-Goomba, who’ll give you enough boost to zip to safety on the ice blocks to the right. On the platform just past the two Para Goombas with the three blocks, hit the middle to earn a Power Up. You can then stand on top of these blocks and zip to the upper left to get on top of the giant ice wall. Run to the left and you’ll find the first Collectable. Don’t bother with the Question Mark blocks that follow, they all contain Propeller Blocks. Once you reach the square of blocks with Coins in the middle, DO NOT attempt to get the Coins. It is not worth the risk.

The second collectable is instead located above the Coin Box in the middle of the platform. Guide the Goomba Stack towards you a bit then zip up, glide down on top of the Goomba’s head, and then zip up again to grab the Collectable. When you see the Red Coin Ring, you’ll have to glide down, moving slowly (not too quick or you’ll go past them) to get all the Red Coins, for a 1Up Mushroom. The part with the tall wooden walls you had to Wall Jump up in the first quest, you’ll want to do a kind of arch where you leap out and then a bit in before zipping up, if you can’t make it beyond them to the platform of blocks above then you can Wall Jump the rest of the way. From the group of bricks, zip up and you can land on the ice wall above you. You’ll find a ton of Cardboard 1Up Mushrooms along one real one. You’ll find the final Collectable located just above the Donut Blocks. To get it, quickly zip up and then stand on ONE Donut Block, jumping and zipping up again as before it starts falling, collect the Collectable and then float back down to the other Donut Block, and from there zip high and float onto the Goomba Stack. Follow the big group of Coins and zip past them and into the screen onto the ice platform between the walls. This leads to the Flagpole! The Propeller Block should allow you to easily land atop the Flagpole for two easy 1Ups!

Special World 2-5

Do not enter this stage without Tanooki Power and one in reserve! This will allow you to skip much of the level and make it much easier. Once you reach the end of the first section, there will be a Bee and pressing the Green Switch will build a sort of tower, if you are quick you can hid the middle brick for a Power-Up. At the next section DO NOT break the blocks or hit the Question Mark Block at the end of the platform. A Poison Mushroom waits deviously inside! At this point, you’ll want to hit the left most button first, and then the right and middle, immediately start climbing, be quick and you should have just enough time to ascend the top platforms as they are going away, and then leap towards the Collectable at the very tip top and float towards the main path platform with the Bee enemy below you. In the next section, you’ll have two Green Switches. Here is the break down, you can follow the left switch Green Platforms all the way to a Teleportation Block which leads to the next part of the level. But before doing that, the first Teleportation Block will take you to a Time Coin which will pop you out above the platform with the Green Switches (who’s shadow you can see above you where the Green Switches are), which you probably want to ignore. The last Teleportation Block, where the Green Platforms start to lead down (or the Green Switch on the right’s path) is the one you want to take first, as it leads you to the second Collectable.

In the next part of the main path, you’ll see three Green Switches in a row. Once you press all three, a “house of cards” will start building around you, trapping you in. So quickly run from the right to hit all three switches and then leap out and beyond them. Now start ascending very quickly to the top. The way to proceed in the level is to leap from the Green Switch at the top of the house of cards, to the one ahead of you. But standing on the Green Switch at the top of the house of cards will build Green Platforms that go off behind, but then seem to just end abruptly. It is here that you carefully want to Long Jump off the last Green Platform, from which you can float to a platform containing the deviously hidden third and final Collectable. Once you reach the Flagpole, you’ll have a one Green Switch on the ground and one above you. Press the first one, then stand still and jump in place a few times, timing to land ontop of the box that forms around you. The second leads towards an easy leap at the Flagpole!

Special World 2-Airship

I suggest, as with almost all levels in this here Special World, to enter the World 2 Airship with a Tanooki Suit. At the start, you can hit the left Coin Box for a gaggle of Coins, but avoid the right Coin Box as it hides an evil Poison Mushroom! If you have Tanooki, be careful not to float over the large group of spikes, instead simply walk along the edge. You’ll see a Coin Box on top of the spikes, just avoid it. Directly afterward you’ll be on a long platform with a Kamikaze Bill (read, GIANT Bullet Bill!) Blaster! Duck to avoid being hit, you may have to duck about three times. Be sure to NOT stop on the Donut Block or you will fall. Be sure to leap through the Red Coin Ring and collect the Red Coins, which are easy enough to get, while avoiding the rolling spike ball that will come towards you. The next section has two cannons, the one at the end has the first Collectable floating above it. After hitting the Green Shell straight down the Bob-Ombs, wait for them to explode.

You’ll see the second Collectable floating on a small platform ahead of you. I highly suggest not getting this unless you are Statue Tanooki, at which point you can simply turn into a statue and wait on the platform while the Kamikaze Bills blow up harmlessly in front of you! Mwa ha ha ha ha. Alternatively you can jump on the small platform then duck and the bastard won’t hit you. The next section is also made much easier with Statue Tanooki. If not, then I suggest not even attempting this part, although it can be done by timing your jumps perfectly and roll jumping through the spikes when they have gone down. Remember that you can’t duck the Kamikaze Bills here! Eventually you’ll see the section that goes into the screen, where you’ll find the third Collectable floating above some retracting spikes. There is no boss at this level thankfully, so if you reach the end you can leap right towards the Flagpole. Just be careful of the spikes on the steps!