Mario Kart 7 Cheats, Secrets & Tips List

Our Mario Kart 7 cheats, secrets and tips list will tell you how to get a speed boost at the start of races, how to unlock Mirror Mode, how to unlock an alternate title screen and more secret tips!

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Mario Kart 7 Cheats

Quick Start Turbo Boost at the Beginning of a Race

At the start of each race, you get a countdown of 3 red lights until they turn green and the race begins. When that countdown begins, wait until 2 red lights turn on, and right then before the third red light goes on press on the gas / accelerate Y or A button. I do it by pressing the button just after the 2 pops up. Time it right in between the 2nd and 3rd red light and you get a rocket power Turbo Boost quick start!

That short speed boost should be enough to put your kart in the lead group from the get-go.

You can see an example of how to do a Turbo Boost in this Toad Circuit course video:

Turbo Boost after Lakitu Retrieval from an Accident

During each race you might fall off the course by accident if you take a bad turn on the racing track or get hit by an enemy item or natural hazard. Well, not all is lost, when Lakitu comes to pull you out of your troubles and drops you on the track again to the following: At the exact moment you’re dropped onto the track again press on the gas / accelerate Y or A button. Time it right and you’ll get a short rocket power Turbo Boost!

It’s not much, but it should help you get back into the lead. Besides, falling behind with time to spare isn’t always so bad, you’ll get much better items from question blocks to throw at your opponents. Mario Kart 7 is all about random luck as much as skill, that unpredictability makes it more fun, unless of course you get hit by that darn Blue Shell!!

If you’re real lucky, this may also help you recover from a fall. As long as you hit the gas right before your kart hits the ground, you can get a quick recovery speed boost.

Ramp Jump Boost

Press the R Button to hop, at the height of a ramp, and you will get a slight Turbo Boost (and your character will perform a trick). This will give you a bit of increased speed, try to do it whenever you go off a ramp or up a hill, etc.

Enable Mario Kart 7 To Add Opponent’s Mii To Your 3DS

Set Invitations to “On” in Mario Kart 7, and the Mii of every opponent you race against online gets added to your Mii Plaza!
Gavin says they’re just there for show though, since you can’t seem to use them in Find Mii or StreetPass Quest or the Puzzles.

How to Unlock The Alternate Title Screen

Like with every Mario Kart game before it, you should be able to unlock an alternate title screen after you finish the game! To do so, finish all of the Cups in first place to earn a Gold Trophy, and officially finish the game. – This is untested, please comment if this worked for you.

How to Unlock the Mirror Mode

You should be able to unlock the Mirror Mode, which flips all of the tracks around, by completing each cup on 150cc and coming in first place to earn a Gold Trophy! This secret is a Mario Kart series staple! – This is untested, please comment if this worked for you.

Do you know of any other Mario Kart 7 cheat codes, secrets, or tips? If so, please leave us a comment and we’ll update this guide and give you credit.

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