How To Unlock All Mario Kart 7 Characters, Vehicles & Tracks

2 December 2011
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Mario Kart 7 Characters Roster To Unlock All

Our Mario Kart 7 unlockable characters, vehicles and tracks guide shows you how to unlock all 9 secret characters in Mario Kart 7. That’s hidden, for a total of 17 characters. We show you exactly what steps to take for unlocking all characters, vehicles and tracks for Nintendo’s new 3DS-entry in the beloved Mario Kart series.

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  • How To Unlock Mario Kart 7 Secret Characters

    1. How to Unlock Daisy

    You can unlock Daisy in Mario Kart 7 by winning the Mushroom Cup on 150cc Difficulty.

    Daisy is Mario’s damsel-in-distress from the Super Mario Land series for Game Boy. She hit the scene in her modern incarnation with the debut of Mario Tennis on Nintendo 64. She followed that with appearaneces in a series of Mario Sports Games before making her first Mario Kart appearances in Mario Kart: Double Dash for GameCube. She has become a staple of the Mario Kart series and wears a yellow-dress; she also has a much spunkier personality than her more prim-and-proper contemporary, Princess Peach.

    2. How to Unlock Wario

    The king of mean, Wario, can be unlocked in Mario Kart 7 by winning the Flower Cup on 150cc Difficulty.

    Wario is the evil incarnation of Mario, who first made his debut in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins for the Game Boy; and made his Mario Kart debut in Mario Kart 64. Wario would go on to earn fame in his own right by starring as the lead character in many of his own franchises, including the platformer Wario Land series, and the mini-game collection WarioWare series. He has also starred in big console titles such as Wario World for GameCube, Wario Land: Shake It/Shake Dimension for Wii and Wario: Master of Disguise for DS. Wario also appears in all of the Mario sports titles and games like Mario Party.

    3. How to Unlock Rosalina

    The ethereal, other-dimensional Rosalina can be unlocked in Mario Kart 7 by winning the Star Cup on 150cc Difficulty.

    Rosalina made her debut in Super Mario Galaxy and is the newest main character in Nintendo’s Mario stable. Rosalina was the focus of the story in Super Mario Galaxy (you could unlock a picture book that told her origin, from her perspective) and is essentially the Queen of the Cosmos and is the adopted mother of the Lumas, a cute race of Star-like creatures. She is differentiated from the other Princesses (Princess Peach and Princess Daisy) by her light blue dress, magical Wand, Lumas that often float near her, and her modern hairstyle.

    4. How to Unlock Metal Mario

    A metallic version of Mario, Metal Mario, can be unlocked by beating the Special Cup on 150cc Difficulty.

    Metal Mario is not a character, per se, but made his debut in the original Super Mario 64 as a metallic power-up. When Mario would wear the Metal Cap, he’d turn into a solid metallic version of himself with the ability to walk through flames, destroy enemies by touching them, survive in poisonous fog and sink through water to walk on the floor below. Metal Mario has rarely appeared as a stand-alone character, until now. Although Metal Mario did make an appearance as a main character, or rather an opponent, in the original Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64.



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    • corinne limmer

      hey josh romero! i was wondering about bowser jr . is he in the game or not? i was on the compter last night and i looked up is bowser jr. in mario kart 7? and this guy in the text said he is in game. but i found out he lied because bowser jr. is not in the game!! that s*cks!! i very sad they did not put bowser jr in the game. and bowser jr has bin in olny on mario kart game ever!!! mario kart wii, and all so bowser jr. was not around for a long time in the nintendo club. so they don’t relly do not have him in a lot of game. but i am happy that they did put him in new super mario bros. u, but i do have the bowser jr plush witch is hard find but i have him in my house. and he came out about 3 or 1 years ago.. so he is pretty new for a koopa kid. ha get it??? so please tell me tomorrow if they have bowser jr. or not in the text below. thank you josh romero for all your croporpation!!! corinne a limmer,.

    • JesseKafka

      Uh… Ferry how do you use streetpass?????????

    • WaluigiMan Jesse

      To play as him make a waluigi mii. Then go to Mario kart channel click edit profile. Then change mii choose Waluigi. ^-^

    • Hey JesseKafka! Here’s how to use StreetPass:

      Set your Nintendo 3DS to Sleep Mode by closing its lid when it’s turn on, and then carry it with you wherever you go to exchange game data like Mii characters, high scores, and custom characters with other users you pass on the street. 🙂

      I believe this works for up to 12 games, but you can control which games have StreetPass activated in each game’s main menu options. I’m pretty sure the game also asks you the first time you start up a new game.

      Hope that helps. ^_^

    • JesseKafka

      Ferry, it’s been a while. Anyway, can you unlock shadow Mario in Mario superstar baseball, you know, for the gamecube?

    • LOL long time indeed. Hey Jesse.
      The Shadow Mario rumors remind of all the unlockable Luigi rumors in Mario single player games, they are just that hopeful rumors. Sorry but no such character exists.

      By the way, check out our Mario Kart 8 characters page to talk about the upcoming game:

    • Glitch finder 123475

      How do u get gold kart i have seen it online

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