MotorStorm RC Announced For PS Vita

Conquer the most extreme racing environments in powerful radio-controlled vehicles in Motorstorm RC!

At a PS Vita event in London, Sony Computer Entertainment announced MotorStorm RC, a radio controlled off-road racing game developed by Evolution Studios for the PlayStation Vita and PS3 consoles.

Motorstorm RC is set to be an addictive, hypnotic core experience – just like the cream of the arcade crop. Stages will take only moments to load, giving players that ‘just one more go’ feeling and after playing the game at home on the PS3 you can continue your progress on-the-go with Vita!

With hundreds of uniquely customized models to collect and performance based on 8 distinct racing categories: Buggies, Superminis, Rally Cars, Muscle Cars, Racing Trucks, Supercars, Big Rigs and Monster Trucks, players can settle the score with friends in person with 4 player split-screen races.

Get your first look at the gameplay here!