The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

20 November 2011
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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough artwork

Chapter 7: Lanayru Mining Facility

The Gust Bellows

In the first room, use the beetle to grab the bomb on the pillar and drop it into the basket-holding statues on each side of the room. Also kill off the two frog enemies by the same occasion. Then run across the sand on each side to reach a lever. If you pull down the right one, a gate opens so you can get a chest with a red rupee. If you pull the left lever, the door to the next room will open. This room has two locked doors and some crates at the back. You can blow up the crates with a bomb, then push the metal crate on the left side against the middle wall so you can climb up and get to the door above. You’ll access the main room of the temple, which holds a save statue on the left. For now, go right and throw a bomb over the crates across the chasm to clear the way. Jump across and climb up the ladder to find a chest on the left holding a Small Key.

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  • Return to the previous room, defeat the enemies and open the left door with the key. In the room behind, cross the abandonned conveyor belt and climb up the wall at the end. On the right, you’ll see a ladder, but you can’t climb it because a crate is blocking the top. Using the beetle, fly to the right of the ladder to find a bomb sitting atop a pipe above the entrance of the room. Carry it back and drop it on the crate to blow it up. Now you can climb up the ladder to find a switch above. While standing on it, use the beetle to hit the time crystal near the middle of the ceiling and reverse time. The conveyor belts are now active. Go back down and run across the first one. Go down again straight ahead and run across the second one to reach a ladder on the other side. Climb up and pull down the lever to open a gate. Now you’ll need to run to the other end of the convoyor belt you just passed. Dash over it and collect stamia while avoiding the obstacles. Then climb up the ladder on the left and open the chest above for a red rupee.

    Head back down across the conveyor belt and go up the stairway on the other side to reach another conveyor belt. Run to the other end of it like before and defeat the Beamos on the right of it. Slash its body horizontally, then thrust its eye to destroy it. Pull down the lever on the wall beside you to open the barred doorway and go back down the conveyor belt to go through that door. You’ll enter a room with large metal blocks. Go right up the ladder, then jump from block to block on the right side of the room until you reach another ladder on the back wall. You can kill the enemies on your way with the slingshot from afar. Atop the ladder, open the blue chest to obtain the Gust Bellows. Go back down and get the chest on the lower floor for a treasure. Use the metal blocks to jump to another ladder on the left wall of the room, and use bombs to blow up the rocks on the blocks. You’ll re-emerge in the main room of the temple where the save statue is. Push down the block and head down the two ladders to be back.

    The Dungeon Map

    Return to the second room of the temple. You can now get rid of the sand on the right of the door, where the crates are, with the Gust Bellows. Clean up the metal crate so you can move it around and place it on the switch in the corner, which was previously buried under a sand pile. This will unlock the remaining door on the right. In this room, dash across the sand until you reach a platform in the opposite corner. Blow up all the sand on it to reveal a crystal and hit it to reverse time. Stand on the new platform nearby and using the Gust Bellows, blow the red vanes to move the platform to the other side. Blow the pinwheel above the barred doorway here to open it up and go through.

    Go down the ladder and defeat the Sentrobe by using your shield to send the missiles back at it. Then use the Gust Bellows to blow the red vanes on the platform across the chasm to move it to the right (move right along with it) until you can jump on it. Then move it right again and dash up the platform to reach a chest with a treasure inside. Go back down to the platform and blow the blue vanes this time to move all the way to the other end of the track. Get off and climb up the ladder. Defeat the Beamos above, then blow the pinwheel on the wall to open the door to the next room.

    Defeat the Staldras in the room, then use the Gust Bellows to blow all the sand from the metal block at the back. Push the block to the left so you can climb on it and reach the ledge above. You’ll see a chest locked behind a gate, and a pile of sand in the corner behind it. Use the Gust Bellows to blow away the sand behind the bars and reveal a crystal, then use the Slingshot to shoot the crystal through the bars. Now you’ll need to defeat an Armos below. Target it and use the Gust Bellows to blow the vanes above its head. This will make it open its mouth so you can hit the crystal inside with a thrust. You need to blow the wind constantly though, or it won’t work, so keep a good distance between you and the Armos so you can avoid its attacks. Repeat the process two times to defeat it. Now head back up to the chest and open it to obtain the Dungeon Map.

    Ancient Circuit Key

    Leave the room through the door the Armos was guarding to be back in the main room. You can create a shortcut to the save statue if you step on the switch near the gate. You’ll need to cross the large sand pool standing before you, but if you check your map, you’ll see that there are submerged paths in the sand here too. Check the path beforehand, then cross to the small platform against the left wall. Blow up the sand on it to reveal a hidden passageway you can crawl through. It leads to a chest containing a treasure. Go back to the sand pool and cross to the next platforms. There’s another hidden passageway in the left wall, so blow up the sand covering it and crawl through it to reach a new room. Take out your Gust Bellows and start blowing all the sand in this room. You’ll find spikes everyway blocking your path, so you must go around this little maze until you reach the top-left corner of the room. Blow up all the sand here to reveal a chest with a red rupee. Then blow all the sand near the stairway to reveal a switch. Step on it to open the door above and head through it.

    You’ll find a mine cart stuck in sand. Use the Gust Bellows to blow away the sand, then look on the side of the cart to see a time crystal. Thrust at it to reverse the time around the cart, which will start moving along the track, carrying the time shift zone with it. Follow it across the track and a Sentrobe will come to life on the other side. Defeat it, then blow the pinwheel above the barred doorway to open it and resume following the mine cart. Hide from the Beamos behind the cart, then one will block your path. Slash it away, then the cart will come to a stop.

    Open the door here to create a shortcut to the save statue, then go right to find another mine cart, but it’s hidden under some sand. Blow it away to reveal it and hit the time crystal on the side like you did for the other one. Follow the cart along the track and defeat the Beamos on your way. Then blow the pinwheel on the right wall a little further ahead to open the door back there. Keep following the mine cart to the other side, then when it comes to a stop, hit the crystal to deactivate it. Then hit the crystal again to re-activate it and the cart will start moving again. Follow it back to reach the door that you just opened and go through.

    Inside the room here you’ll find more abandonned conveyor belts. Cross the one on the left and blow the enemies away from the wall at the end before climbing it up. Once you reach the top, go right and take a look at the wall seperating the opposite corner to spot some basket-hilding statues. Throw bombs inside them so you can cross to the other side. Blow the sand away from the platform to reveal a crystal. Hit it and the room will come back to life. Head back across the platforms to where you just came from and cross the active conveyor belt on the left. Jump on the platform with the vanes and blow the red ones with the Gust Bellows to move the platform to the other side. Then go right and defeat the Sentrobe. Blow the red vanes on the platform across the chasm to move it to the right so you can jump on it. Then blow the blue vanes to move it all the way to the other end of the room.

    Go right and get on the other platform. Blow the vanes to move along and throw bombs in the basket-holding statues on the wall to reveal three switches. Then use the Beetle to hit the switches in this order: left, right, middle. This will open the gate at the back of the room. Head in there to face two Armos. Use the same strategy as you did previously and take them out one at a time. Then open the chest they were guarding to obtain the Ancient Circuit.

    A new door will also unlock. Head out and push down the crate so you can climb down the ladder. Go left and run to the other end of the conveyor belt while avoiding the air drafts to reach the door in question. Back outside this room, go left and climb up the ladder here to find a chest at the end of the path above containing a red rupee. Then go back on your steps and go right to find a save statue and another mine cart. Hit the crystal on its side to activate it, then jump on the platform and blow the blue vanes to move it along the mine cart while avoiding the air drafts. Now all is left to do is open the big door leading to the boss. Place the ancient circuit into it and move it around to insert it. This one is a lot tougher to get right, you really have to move it around a lot so the pins can fit in. Try different positions until you get it, then go in to face the boss.

    Moldarach Boss Fight

    This boss fight will take part in two phases. In the first one, target one of Moldarach’s claws and slash the eye inside when it opens. If you see it turn red, jump away to avoid the attack. Also watch out for its tail attack. Keep on attacking the claw until it’s destroyed and repeat the same thing with the other claw until they’re both destroyed. You will now be able to target the eye at the front, but Moldarach will burry itself in the ground before you get the chance to. Take out the Gust Bellows and start blowing away the sand where you can see Moldarach moving below. The boss will eventually jump out of the ground when you’ve blown enough around it, so you can target the eye and attack it. Jump out of its way and avoid its attacks, then it will go back into the ground. This time, Arachas will also come out of the ground, but just keep on repeating the same process until you’ve hit its eye enough times to defeat it. This is one of the easiest boss battles.

    Pick up the Heart Container after the fight and head through the door. You’ll find a mine cart waiting for you. Use the Beetle and fly up to the top of the track ahead to find a crystal near the ceiling. Hit it to activate the cart and jump in to cross over. As you emerge outside, you’ll receive the Goddess’s Harp after a short scene. After more scenes, return to the save statue and go back to the sky.


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    • Sam

      You need to use your dowsing power in order to locate the 3 areas that require that you use the song…of course, if your talking about the song of the hero…i guess i could be nice enough to say this…its located on the main villiage island itself in the Plaza area.

    • Zelda_Player

      I may not understand the whole thing but, Why dont they just fix the glitch ? Do like they do with the systems when they first come out an have a bunch of glitches just take thyem all back an fix the glitches then re-release them so they dont have that problem cause if i cant save to a sertant point then im gonna upset cause all i wanna do is save the game after my progress is finished i shouldnt have to go through so much effort to save an then to restsart hte game or go to another file or something the whole thing is just stupid to me, My opinion only!

    • Olivia Najjar

      I have 2 questions.

      1- Im in the desert area and I am about to get the boss key. After I defeat the boss do I find Zelda or do I have to look for her AGAIN?

      2- Is there any way to save in a dongeon without the bird statues

    • Mint

      okay, so i did all of that but when i jump of the ledge i end up getting captured by one of the knights :/ help please

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