The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

20 November 2011
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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough artwork

Chapter 5: Earth Temple Dungeon

To progress, Link must balance himself carefully on top of a massive sphere to roll-“walk” over vast lava flows and advance through the temple. Deft use of the Wii Remote Plus controller will be vital to success.

Bomb Bag

Cross the lava using the step stones at the entrance of the dungeon and go right to dig out an air draft. In the alcove above you’ll find a chest with a Red Rupee. Go forward and jump on the platforms above the lava when they go down and up to cross. The bridge ahead must be down for you to proceed, so check the left and right sides for two cogs held with a rope. Slash the rope on both sides to cut it and lower the bridge a little bit. There’s one cog left on the right of the bridge. You’ll need to use the Beetle to fly up to the cog and cut the rope. Now that the bridge is down, cross and defeat the Lizalfos on the other side. Then use the Beetle again and fly up to the broken dragon statue in the middle of the lava. Hit one of the bomb flowers on the statue head to blow it apart. The statue’s eye will roll into the lava towards you.

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  • You can use the eye to roll around in the lava, so hop on it and head over to the left. Pick up a bomb flower and get on the platform over the lava. Wait for it to be up and put down the bomb near the boulder above to blow it up. Open the chest behind for a Golden Skull. Then get back on the eye and roll over to the right side. A Mogma here will ask you to retrieve his Bomb Bag. Hum, interesting! Crawl through the opening in the fence on the left and pick up a bomb flower. Roll it under the fence through the hole you crawled in to blow up the boulders on the other side. A new room will be revealed behind. Go in and deafeat the two Lizalfos to make a treasure chest appear. It contains the Bomb Bag you’re looking for. Take it back to the Mogma, who will end up giving it to you. You can now fill up the bag with bomb flowers when holding one.

    Earth Dungeon Map

    Now you’ll need to raise the bridge at the back of the area. On each side of the bridge is a bolt that you must press in with the rolling eye. For now, you can only access the left side of the bridge if you roll in under the western path. Also get the Blue Bird Feather from the chest on the little isle here. Then just roll into the bolt to press it in. Go back to the central island with the save statue and go up the west path. It’s blocked by a boulder, but you now have bombs, right? Take out a bomb and put it down to light it up, then throw it at the stone when it’s about to blow up to clear the way. Enter the room on the other side and work your way to the top of the area to find a treasure chest containing the Dungeon Map.

    It’s now time to take care of the other bolt. Go back to the main room and hop onto the rolling eye. Head over to the right side of the area, which seems like a dead end blocked by some fallen pillars in the lava. Take a look at your new map to spot a red X in the wall there. Stand back and throw some bombs at the wall where the X would be to break it apart and reveal a passageway. Roll into the passage until your way is blocked. Check your map again and you’ll notice there should be a path going around, even though a wall appears to hide it. Take out the bombs again and throw some at the wall where the path should be to open it up.

    Next, go through that new path (while in this path, you can use the Beetle to fly through a dragon mouth above and find a Silver Rupee at the end) until you get to a big locked gate. To open it, you’ll need to do the same thing you did with the bridge at the beginning of the dungeon. Use the Beetle to fly up to the top of the gate and cut the rope holding the cog. Then use the Beetle again, but go through the passageway to the left so you can reach the other side of the door. Cut the second rope to open the gate. Head through it and follow the path without falling to end back up in the main room. Roll into the bolt on this side to press it in and completely raise the bridge. Also get the chest in the left wall for a Red Rupee. Then go back to the central island and cross the new bridge leading to the final room.

    Dragon Sculpture Key

    Dash up the slope at the start of this area and avoid the falling boulders. Run to the left to rest yourself up in the alcove in the wall, before attempting to run up the rest of the slope. When you get to the second slope, crawl through the small opening on the right and head up the long flight of stairs. At the top, look down to spot some boulders in the wall below. Throw a bomb in the slope as far as you can so it rolls down and blows up the boulders. Then go back down and dash up the slope. Hide in the alcove you blew up in the wall, then run up to the top. When you get to the save statue, follow the path all the way up to the highest part of the area and open the treasure chest to obtain the Dragon Sculpture. As you head back down, a boulder will chase you. Run and go right as soon as you get to the stairway. Proceed to the final door and place the sculpture inside. Rotate it so it fits in, then go through the door. Refill your bomb bag and head on to face the boss.

    Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera Boss Fight

    This massive firebreathing monster is covered in scalding hot rock, hence the name Scaldera. Sword attacks can’t pierce its rocky exterior – Link will need to find another way to break through its defenses.

    Scaldera will run up the slope and throw fireballs at you. Run from it and throw bombs to knock it down. When you see it open its mouth, get close and quickly roll down a bomb into it. It will swallow it and explode, stunning it for a few seconds. Repeat the process a few times until you start seeing its eye through its shell. When enough of its shell has blown up, you will be able to strike the eye with your sword. Keep on using the bombs until you completely remove the shell and slash away at the eye. When it gets close to dying, the boss will use a different attack pattern. It will use its legs to run past you to the top of the slope, then roll down. Just stick to the left or right, then when it gets close, run to the opposite side to avoid it. Then keep on attacking until you defeat it. When you need more bombs, just run back up to the top to get some.

    After the fight, get the Heart Container and then run up to the next room. Hit the emblem with a charged sword like previously to obtain a new piece of the tablet. Return to Skyloft and place the final piece of the tablet inside the goddess statue to unlock the next area, Lanayru. Fly up to the yellow pillar of light in the sky to reach it.


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    • Sam

      You need to use your dowsing power in order to locate the 3 areas that require that you use the song…of course, if your talking about the song of the hero…i guess i could be nice enough to say this…its located on the main villiage island itself in the Plaza area.

    • Zelda_Player

      I may not understand the whole thing but, Why dont they just fix the glitch ? Do like they do with the systems when they first come out an have a bunch of glitches just take thyem all back an fix the glitches then re-release them so they dont have that problem cause if i cant save to a sertant point then im gonna upset cause all i wanna do is save the game after my progress is finished i shouldnt have to go through so much effort to save an then to restsart hte game or go to another file or something the whole thing is just stupid to me, My opinion only!

    • Olivia Najjar

      I have 2 questions.

      1- Im in the desert area and I am about to get the boss key. After I defeat the boss do I find Zelda or do I have to look for her AGAIN?

      2- Is there any way to save in a dongeon without the bird statues

    • Mint

      okay, so i did all of that but when i jump of the ledge i end up getting captured by one of the knights :/ help please

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