The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

20 November 2011
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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough artwork

Chapter 2: Faron Woods

After leaving Skyloft, the first place you will lead Link to is Faron Woods, a realm populated by wild forests and lively inhabitants.

This bright and colorful forest landscape is filled with giant mushrooms, trees, and wildlife. Beware: It’s not quite as friendly as it looks.

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  • Swing on the foliage to reach new heights, tackle steep slopes and aim at objects with the Slingshot. The wilds of Faron Woods are full of challenges!

    Finding the Kikwis

    Cross using the rope in front of you until you find a little creature being attacked by bokoblins. Defeat them, then the creature will run away from you. Follow it up the slope, using Dash to run up. You will arrive at a clearing with mushrooms. The creature (called a Kikwi) will hide in mushrooms around the area; you can locate it using Dowse. Hit the two big red mushrooms in the clearing to get the Kikwi out, then walk to the tree at the end of the area and talk to it (his name is Machi).

    Now you’ll need to find the Kikwi elder, who may be the last to have seen Zelda. Go west and dash up the slope. Follow the path up to a sealed door, but ignore it for now. Go left, down to a rope attached to the ground. Slash the plants holding the rope to free it, then use it to jump across to the other side. Speak with the Kikwi Elder, who will ask that you find the other members of his tribe. You already found Machi, so there are three left. Head through the hole in the tree trunk on his right and climb up inside. Cross the rope (shake it while hanging off to remove the thistle balls), then defeat the bokoblins in the next area. Once everything is good, roll into the tree where the Kikwi is to make him fall (dash towards the tree and shake the nunchuk). You have now rescued Lopsa, so there are two remaining.

    Push the log at the edge of the clearing to get down. On your right, you’ll see the remains of some sort of white shrine. Head past it to the back of the area and check the wall to see some vines up a big tree root. Climb up there and cut down all the grass to reveal another hidding Kikwi, Erla. Then jump down and pass through the hole in the wall at the back. Climb up the slope on the left, then go right (if you go left, you can find a Piece of Heart; see below) to find a small higher area with a tree surrounded by a stone wall. Jump down the hole in the ground here, then follow the little path going into the wall below to find another small area with a stone wall. Examine the bushes here to find the last Kikwi, Oolo.

    Now that you have found all Kikwis, return to the Elder to tell him the good news. He will thank you by giving you the Slingshot. Try it out on the vine hanging from the tree branch to lower it and swing across to the other side. Now run back to the white shrine ruins at the east end of the woods and use the Slingshot on the vine hanging above the unreachable exit to lower it. Use it to climb up and reach the Deep Woods.

    The Deep Woods

    Follow the path until you get to a rope. Use the Slingshot on the beehive to make it fall down into the chasm, then quickly run from the bees. Cross the rope once it’s safe, then go around the path to the right. Grab the ledge above the wall and shimmy over to the left. Hang from the rope ahead and shake it to make the thistle balls and the bokoblin fall off. Then cross and climb up the cliff to find another rope. Swing across to the other side and go left to find a chest at the edge of the cliff containing a red rupee. Then speak with the Goron ahead to learn about the Goddess Cubes. Fill your sword with light by holding it upwards, then slash the cube. Head down to the temple and turn around to the right to find another Goddess Cube near the edge of the broken path. Slash it like you did before, then walk up to the temple’s front door. Take a look above the door to spot a red diamond-shaped switch. Take out the Slingshot and shoot the switch to open the gate, before proceeding inside.

    Heart Piece

    You can find a Piece of Heart in Faron Woods, if you go up the cliff left of Machi, the first Kikwi. Head up the slope leading to the tree (where the hole in the ground is) surrounded by a stone wall, but instead, go left and walk across the rope to find a Piece of Heart next to the huge tree in the center.


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