The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

20 November 2011
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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough artwork

Chapter 15: Thunderhead

Sealed Grounds Revisited – The Imprisoned Boss Fight (again)

Now you must return to the Sealed Temple to show your new sword to the old priestress. Stand in front of the gate and raise it… unfortunately, the Imprisoned will escape from the seal once more, so you will need to defeat him a second time. The battle is very much like last time, except the Imprisoned now has arms and will occasionally climb up the walls. However, this time you will get help from Groose! Groose has fabricated a flower bomb catapult, which you can control to shoot bombs at the Imprisoned. Hitting him with bombs will make him fall and slow him down.

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  • Do like last time and hit all of the Imprisoned’s toes until they are all destroyed. He will then fall over and you can use the wind drafts to get to his head and strike in the stake on it. Whenever you hear Groose call out to you, press the Pad to switch over control to the catapult and aim to hit a bomb at the Imprisoned. Keep these for when the Imprisoned starts climbing a wall, that way you can knock him over and hit him more easily afterwards. You can also use the wind drafts to get directly to the Imprisoned’s head to strike the stake, but it doesn’t always work. Repeat the same process two more times to defeat the Imprisoned again. Then go down to seal it by drawing the pattern. Return to the Sealed Temple afterwards to watch a cutscene. Your next destination is Skyloft.

    Skyloft Revisited – Looking for Levias

    You must now seek Levias’ help, but you’ll need to find him first. Return to the Knight Academy to ask Headmaster Gaepora. He doesn’t really know much, and suggests you ask Instructor Owlan for more details. Both are in their respective rooms, thankfully. Owlan will tell you more about Levias, and will accept to teach you a new bird riding technique called the Spiral Charge, so you can free Levias from his curse. The Spiral Charge is used by pressing A. Owlan will test you by asking you to break 10 targets around in under 120 seconds. This mini-game is rather easy if you’re good at flying, and you should by now. Otherwise, practice until you get it. You cannot proceed until you clear this mini-game.

    Now that you have the Spiral Charge, you still need more info about Levias’ whereabouts, so owlan suggests you pay a visit to the Lumpy Pumpkin owner. The Pumpkin Landing island is located south of Skyloft, so fly over there and talk to the owner inside the pub. Accept to deliver his special pumpkin soup to Levias, with the help of Scrapper. Now fly back all the way to the Thunderhead while Scrapper is following you. You need to deliver the soup to a small island near the Isle of Songs. The island in question has a rainbow over it. Land on that island and Scrapper will hand over the soup. You will immediatly notice something is coming. Get ready for a fight!

    Ocular Parasite Bilocyte Boss Fight

    Get back on your loftwing and fly after Levias. You will notice four eyes coming out of him. You must use the spiral charge into those eyes to burst them. Simply fly around Levias and attack the eyes one by one. Don’t touch Levias or you will lose some health. After you have destroyed all the eyes, land on Levias’ back. The last eye, Bilocyte, will appear. He will spit some green balls at you (I don’t want to know what this is!), which you can send back at him by hitting them with your sword, like playing tennis. Start by hitting the balls left or right to hit both of Bilocyte’s wings (or “ears”), then he will open his eye. Send the next ball at his eye, and he will fall down. Attack him several times until he gets up again and repeat the process. Eventually he will start moving around, so you must hit the ball in the right direction. Do this a few more times until Bilocute is defeated. This is a pretty fun boss battle overall.

    Now that Levias is back to his normal self, he will reveal to you that you need the Song of the Hero, however it has been split into four parts, and Levias only has one part. The other three parts are held by the three dragons of each domain; Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano and Lanayru Desert. You will need to go retrieve them, and this can be done in any order. Nevertheless, I would recommend doing them in order starting from the Water or Fire Dragon first and keeping the Thunder Dragon for last since there is a glitch which can end your game involving those who start with the Thunder Dragon. Just to be safe, let’s head over to Faron Woods first.

    Sealed Grounds Heart Piece

    You can get a Piece of Heart starting from this point in the game behind the Sealed Temple. Play the harp on the wall where the butterflies gather near the Goron. Then draw an arrow (a line and a triangular tip will do) on the goddess wall and the Goron will give you a Heart Piece.


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    • Sam

      You need to use your dowsing power in order to locate the 3 areas that require that you use the song…of course, if your talking about the song of the hero…i guess i could be nice enough to say this…its located on the main villiage island itself in the Plaza area.

    • Zelda_Player

      I may not understand the whole thing but, Why dont they just fix the glitch ? Do like they do with the systems when they first come out an have a bunch of glitches just take thyem all back an fix the glitches then re-release them so they dont have that problem cause if i cant save to a sertant point then im gonna upset cause all i wanna do is save the game after my progress is finished i shouldnt have to go through so much effort to save an then to restsart hte game or go to another file or something the whole thing is just stupid to me, My opinion only!

    • Olivia Najjar

      I have 2 questions.

      1- Im in the desert area and I am about to get the boss key. After I defeat the boss do I find Zelda or do I have to look for her AGAIN?

      2- Is there any way to save in a dongeon without the bird statues

    • Mint

      okay, so i did all of that but when i jump of the ledge i end up getting captured by one of the knights :/ help please

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