The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

20 November 2011
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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough artwork

Chapter 14: Fire Sanctuary

The Mogma Mitts

At the entrance, use the Bow, Slingshot, Beetle or Clawshot to knock down the plant bud over the lava, creating a platform for you to cross. Do the same with the next one and hop onto the platform, which will slowly drift down the lava stream. Use the Bow to shoot down the Bobkoblin archers along the way until you can jump on the ground at the end of the stream. Defeat the rest of the Bobkoblins to open a gate at the top of the pathway and open the treasure chest to obtain a Small Key. Jump down and unlock the door below to go through. Follow the path to the right and go through the door after defeating the Bobkoblins. Then go right again into a passage leading to a room filled with lava, with a metal grating over the floor.

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  • A hand will come out of the lava and try to grab you, but you can’t defeat it yet. Instead, just go stand on the stone platform over the grating and wait for the hand to lift you up. You can reach a ledge above. Climb up the vines and follow the path to get to the other side of the room, where you’ll find a save statue below if you drop down. Head through the door next to it to emerge outside, where a Dark Lizalfos will attack you. Defeat it the same way you would for a standard Lizalfos, but watch out as it can curse you. Then go through the next door to be back inside. There’s a bud over on the right, but it’s of no use right now. You must first find a bomb to unclog the dragon mouth behind it. Using the Beetle, scout the room to find a passage leading to a bomb flower. Grab the bomb and fly into the dragon mouth to blow up the boulders and unclog the lava flow. Now you can hit the bud and jump down on the platform.

    The lava flow will bring you to the other side of the room. Head through the door to the right of the locked one. A Mogma is held with a chain here, but you can’t do anything now. Instead, go right and use the Gust Bellows to clear the path of dried up lava. At the end, open the chest to obtain a Small Key. Go back to the previous room and unlock the door. It leads to a room full of plant buds. Since they are hanging low, you can plant your sword into them with a thrust to carry the bud around on your sword. Go to the back of the room for a small chest containing a red ruppe, then head up to find another chest with a random treasure. To proceed, use a thrust to grab any bud hanging around at the tip of your sword and throw it with a slash at the frog statue above the doorway. This will remove the fire so you can head on.

    Go right from the save statue to arrive in another lava room with a grating at the bottom. There are two hands in this one, but you can now defeat them using the plant buds. Get on one of the stone platforms to go up and grab a bud with your sword. Then drop down and wait for the hand to rise. Throw the bud at it to cool it off, then slash at it several times to break it. Repeat the same thing with the other hand to drain the lava from the room. This will also drain the lava from where the Mogma is being held. Go through the bottom door to emerge in that room and pull down the lever on the wall to lower the Mogma and free him. To thank you, he will give you the Mogma Mitts from a treasure chest. These mitts let you dig underground!

    The Dungeon Map

    Use your new mitts on the holes nearby to find an underground passage. Hit the dirt in your way to move and hit the bomb towards the rubble to blow it up and clear the way. Exit the burrow through the other side and you’ll emerge in a new room. Use the Gust Bellows on the dry lava patch in front of you to reveal another hole underneath and dig through it to find another passage. Go around to the left and hit the red switch to open a gate above. Exit the burrow and head through the path the gate was blocking before. The door at the end will lead you back outside. Take out the bobkoblin archers on the other side with the bow, then use the clawshots to cross using a target on the right. You’ll get to a room with another captive Mogma.

    Go right from it to find a hole in the ground and dig underground. Hit the two blue switches in the burrow to open the gates above, then leave and follow the new path where the gate was to find a bud at the back. Thrust it with your sword and carry it to the frog near the Mogma. Throw it at it to remove the fire barrier and pull down the lever on the wall in the room behind to free the Mogma. Open the chest he gets you to obtain the Dungeon Map. Now bomb the wall at the opposite side of the chest to reveal a hidden room (you can see it on the map). Dig into the hole you find here and cross the burrow to exit on the other side. Open the blue chest you find in the room you emerge in to get a Small Key, then climb up the vines on the wall to leave this room and return to the previous one.

    Head back outside and cross the broken bridge again with the clawshots. Re-enter the room with the save statue and unlock the door next to it. Before going through that door, you can do a little optional detour to go get an extra empty bottle. Return to the outside area with the broken bridge and head right just as you step out. There’s a passage leading to a gate which opens on the previous bridge where you fought the Dark Lizalfos. Go back inside to where a previous save statue was in the first room you came across which had lava and a grating floor.

    To the left of the statue is a gate and a hole in the ground. Dig into it and hit the blue switch in the burrow to open the gate. Go back out and through the open gate. Follow the passage to a room with a plant and some buds. Walk to the very top of the stairways for a Red Rupee in a chest, then go back down to the buds and thrust at one to get it on your sword. Then jump down to the grating and throw the bud at the lava hand. Break it off like you did before, then the lava will drain. Head through the new path at the bottom of this room and follow it to reach a balcony with a chest containing the final Empty Bottle.

    Mysterious Crystals Key

    Now you may return to the room with the last save statue you encountered, where you unlocked that door next to it. Go throuh the door to find yourself outside again. At the end of the path, shoot down the bud above the lava to cross. Head up the stairway on the left and through the door. Cross the next room and dig into the hole in the ground where an alcove is inside the right wall. Hit the blue switch down there, then you’ll need to catch a Mogma playing tricks with you. Try to corner him in a dead-end, or use Dash to go faster and catch him. Eventually you should catch up to him and he will hand over a Piece of Heart to you from a chest. Yay! Go on ahead afterwards and shoot the bud above the lava to the left. Ride the platform to the other side where you can see a save statue.

    Dig into the hole next to the statue and crawl to the other side of the burrow. Hit the bomb to unclog some lava, which will then start flowing out. Rapidly exit the hole by dashing back to the entrance before the lava catches up to you. Now leave this place and return outside. Shoot the same bud again to create a platform over the lava, which is now flowing down so you can reach another part of this area. Go up the stairs, then head right behind the stone tablet and walk to the extremity of the catwalk. If you look down at the edge, there are two statue heads down below in the lava on each side. Drop down and dive off towards the left one with closed eyes. An ice platform will form as you touch down so you will fall inside the statue.

    In a room ahead you will face two Dark Lizalfos. This fight can be quite hard, so just concentrate on taking them down one at a time. If you get cursed, you can stand on the little ledge where the other door is and wait for the curse to go away. The enemies can’t reach you there. In the next room after this fight, start going up the spiral staircase. At some point it will be broken, but you can clawshot across the gap using the vines on the opposite wall. While you’re there, you can also clawshot to more vines up above on the left instead, which lead to a chest with a random treasure. Then just keep on heading up the top of the stairway and leap across the gaps until you reach the door at the top and the final puzzle room.

    In this room you will need to dig underground and light up the torches above in the correct order by stepping on the blue circles. It’s easy to determine the order from the number of panels on each totem. 1, 2, 3, 4… just make sure you don’t step on a circle twice, so go around if you need. Then you’ll get locked in and will need to destroy the centipede. Simply catch up to its tail and attack the bulb three times to defeat it. It will go faster evertime you attack it, but remember you can Dash even while underground so it’s easy to predict its moves and just wait for its tail in a corner. After defeating it, get out of the hole and go open the white chest to obtain the Mysterious Crystals, the key to the boss room. Head back outside and return to the large door to insert the key. It’s pretty easy to place correctly; then go in.

    Demon Lord Ghirahim Boss Fight

    You will face Ghirahim again, but the fight is a little different this time. The first phase, however, is very similar. Ghirahim will summon little darts to his side and you will need to attack him horizontally if they are place vertically, or the other way around. Still, you’ll need to do like in the first fight and attack him on the opposite side of his hand to break his defense. So lure him into thinking you will attack from the left, then attack from the right, or up, then down, etc. It’s basically the same fight, but you have to watch which direction to attack also. Then he will start throwing the darts at you, which you can shield bash back at him to hurt him a little. Do this until the second phase, where he will draw two swords.

    This phase is actually a lot easier. Between attacks, Ghirahim will jump up and warp, then he will fall from above. Move out of the spot where he lands and you’ll notice he is stunned for a few seconds after this attack. Simply attack him now. He will repeat this attack often, so wait for this opportunity to attack him every time he misses. He will then start throwing darts again, so shield bash them. You can also attack Ghirahim sometimes when he’s walking calmly towards you, if he raises his sword. This will end the fight eventually, and you’ll be able to pick up a new Heart Container. Then use skyward strike on the emblem in the next room to upgrade your sword to the Master Sword.

    Volcano Summit Heart Piece

    Now that you have the Mogma Mitts, you can get a Piece of Heart back at the Volcano Summit in Eldin Volcano. Just warp to the Fire Sanctuary entrance and head back inside the volcano from there. Look on the left for three holes around a spot with butterflies (you can play the harp here). Dig into the middle hole and cross the burrow to find a hidden cave with a Heart Piece and some fairies.


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    • Sam

      You need to use your dowsing power in order to locate the 3 areas that require that you use the song…of course, if your talking about the song of the hero…i guess i could be nice enough to say this…its located on the main villiage island itself in the Plaza area.

    • Zelda_Player

      I may not understand the whole thing but, Why dont they just fix the glitch ? Do like they do with the systems when they first come out an have a bunch of glitches just take thyem all back an fix the glitches then re-release them so they dont have that problem cause if i cant save to a sertant point then im gonna upset cause all i wanna do is save the game after my progress is finished i shouldnt have to go through so much effort to save an then to restsart hte game or go to another file or something the whole thing is just stupid to me, My opinion only!

    • Olivia Najjar

      I have 2 questions.

      1- Im in the desert area and I am about to get the boss key. After I defeat the boss do I find Zelda or do I have to look for her AGAIN?

      2- Is there any way to save in a dongeon without the bird statues

    • Mint

      okay, so i did all of that but when i jump of the ledge i end up getting captured by one of the knights :/ help please

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